OH, Snap! 12 million and counting

November 28, 2017 / Digital Multi-point Inspections, Mobile Manager

UNBELIEVABLE! In just a few months, our shops have taken more than a million photos, bringing our total to greater than 12 million; all using Mobile Manager Pro. Thanks to the power of the digital inspection, we are seeing a drastic increase in shops using our software.

Carlife Auto Repair of Scottsdale, Arizona, took BOLT ON’s 12 millionth photo using Mobile Manager Pro. This shop believes in the software, has learned it, and attended BOLT ON University to help make their shop more efficient. Congrats on taking this milestone photo!

On June 22nd, 2017, we hit six million photos, by October 9th, nine million,  November 21st, 10 million and,  January 8th, 2018, we hit 11 million photos, and most recently, February 20th, 2018, we hit 12 million.

Again, that’s 12 million photos and counting in our database.

“More photos means better transparency between shops and customers,” said Michael Risich, Founder & CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. 

Nearly seven thousand shops across the United States and Canada use our software, and it just keeps growing!

Thank you for using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

Keep on Snapping! Who is going to take our 13 millionth photo? We bet it's you!

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