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3 Digital Tips To Gain Customers in The Automotive Repair Business

February 10, 2020 / "Auto Repair Shop", "Repair Shop Software"

As an owner, constantly being on the lookout for new business comes with the territory. At times it can feel daunting to effectively communicate the great work your shop does in order to attract new customers. Traditional marketing can work well, but you must utilize some proven digital marketing tactics to boost your reach. Here are some effective ways to enhance your existing marketing efforts to attract new business: 

Have a Compelling Website

It’s a well-known fact, a good website is fundamental for your business today. Just like your storefront says a lot about your business, the same can be said for your website. Making a great first impression wherever your potential new customers could find you is important. The best way to do that is to make important information readily available and easily accessible. Immediately and clearly communicate your shop’s services, skills, and culture to your website visitors. It’s important to include items you believe are most compelling and will differentiate you from the competition. Some important things you should include are: 


  • Promotions: If your shop is running any current promotions, or if any tire dealers are running any rebates your shop can display them right on your website. New visitors might be looking for some type of incentive in order to get through the door, and putting offers front and center is a good way to get them found by whoever crosses your site’s path. 
  • Services: Let visitors know what you do. It seems simple, but the overview of all you can provide for a potential customer helps them understand you and your shop better. 
  • Pictures: Allow your site’s visitors to get to know the people behind the site and the shop. Display pictures of your shop and your team, as well as anything else you feel is relevant to who you are as a business owner. Just because your site is digital doesn’t mean it can’t be as personal as an in person greeting! 
  • Contact Opportunities: This cannot be overstated—clear and easy ways for visitors to convert on your page and get in contact with you is important. Visitors will always remain visitors if they cannot take action. Having a place on your website for online appointment scheduling or a ‘contact us’ form helps turn those eyes on your page into feet through your front door. 


Positive Customer Reviews

An important component for your business’s online presence are customer reviews. Word of mouth isn’t a thing of the past, it’s just evolved. People take other people’s opinions and recommendations into consideration when making a decision on where to take their business. Three important places you should have reviews actively displayed are your website, your Google My Business page, and your shop’s Facebook page. 


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is great for getting your shop in front of new eyes. This form of advertising is very cost effective in terms of how many people you can reach for an affordable price. One of its most effective uses is website retargeting. If you’ve ever visited a company’s website then later started seeing ads for that business or service on your social media platforms, you have interacted with a website retargeting ad. This is meant to remind those who have visited your site about your offerings in hopes of them turning from a website visitor into a full blown customer.