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Creating Customer Connections Through Communication

July 29, 2020 / Customer Service, Customer Retention, Communication

Customer retention is a high priority among shop owners, there's no doubt about that. We've all tried different avenues to ensure that crucial repeat business—discounts, rewards programs, etc. While those are no doubt effective means of customer retention, there is no substitute for old fashioned customer connections. While embracing digital means of communication can, at times, feel cold and impersonal that doesn't have to be the case. There are many ways in which it can help connect us more. 

Personalize Their Experience 

There's no substitute for personalization when it comes to enhancing a customer's experience with your shop. That extra step to make their visit unique will leave them feeling appreciated and valued, which will in turn strengthen their trust in you and your shop—hopefully increasing the odds of their repeat business. With our Pro Call product, personalization can begin the instant they call. Not only are you able to access top level information such as name and vehicle information, but advisors are able to gain the full customer picture. Average and lifetime spend totals, service history, as well as previous recommendations are all at your fingertips in order to help you provide a proper personalized experience for your customer base. 

Adapting To Changing Communication Styles 

As technology advances, so does our preferred means of communication. Simplifying and streamlining the ways in which your customer base can connect with your shop is essential for remaining competitive. As other industries advance, consumers come to expect a certain level of communication and ease from those with whom they do business. For the automotive repair industry, there are ways to easily upgrade your customer communications. Texting is an important addition to any shop's process. Not only does this make things easy on the advisor's end, but also the customer's. The dreaded back and forth between the vehicle owner and the front desk is painstaking and frequently disrupts the daily workflow. However, with texting, your customers can respond more quickly and easily to approvals, making the whole process less taxing for them as well.  In addition to texting, implementing appointment scheduling on your website is another way to meet your customers' communication expectations by simplifying existing methods. 

Establishing Inclusion In The Repair Process

Great communication is most important when it comes to an owner's understanding of the status of their own vehicle. Ensuring that the customer fully understands not only which services are being recommended, but why they're being recommended is another key component in building the trust they have with your shop. With our Digital Vehicle Inspection software, detailed pictures, explanations, and recommendations help shops to better advise and educate their customers. By utilizing digital inspections, vehicle owners are able to make educated decisions and feel like active participants in their vehicle's service. Customer connections built upon clear and concise communication are more likely to be loyal customers to your shop. 

Ready to Start Making Customer Connections?

If you're ready to learn more about the ways you can strengthen communication with your existing customers as well as potential new customers, we encourage you to request a demo with one of our team members so you can see the impact BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY can have on your customer relationships.