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Digital Inspections: So Easy, A Kid Can Do It

May 09, 2018 / Digital Multi-Point Inspections, Mobile Manager Pro

Use of digital vehicle inspections (DVI) by automotive service shops is increasing every day, yet some are still avoiding them because they think it’ll be too difficult. Well, that’s not true!

Bring your child to work day (here at BOLT ON) just passed, and we wanted our children to see what digital inspections are all about, so we had them perform their own.

The kids weren’t old enough to even drive, so, after explaining the basics of what a digital inspection is, we spent a few minutes showing them the four steps of each inspection point. And even before finishing the explanation, two of them were off performing an inspection of their own.

It was incredible how fast they got it! They walked around the car, tapping away, entering their findings, and taking pictures; stopping only to ask what and where a VIN was.

After about 15 minutes, they were done! Each point was completed, with notes on what they found. They documented any services the vehicle might need to have done, all complete with pictures to show why it needs repairs.

We finished with texting their completed inspections to their own (or their parents’) cell phones. They were showing them off to anyone who would look. It was a lot of fun!

Digital inspections are a great way to build a new level of trust with your customers while boosting your average repair order. Oh, and they're so easy a kid can do them.

*For more info on what Digital Vehicle Inspections can do for your shop, see Mobile Manager Pro.

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