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How Customer Reviews Improve Auto SEO

June 12, 2019 / Customer Service, Auto Repair, Recruitment & Training

You might think customer reviews have only one purpose: to give customers a public voice about your business. While this may be true, customer reviews actually hold a much greater importance. 

How Reviews Benefit SEO

Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, actually use site reviews for SEO purposes. The more positive reviews a website has, the higher it will rank in search engine result pages. Customer reviews help increase trust for non-customers and help answer questions and remove doubt about your shop. Additionally, more reviews mean more chances to have a conversation with your customers.

1. Fresh Contenttimely content

Online reviews of your automotive shop provide search engines with fresh, relevant content to crawl. User-generated content, like reviews, is a low-effort way to keep your website and social media channels active. It also allows for the creation of conversations with or about your auto shop.

2. Rank For Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keywords over 3 words long that your customers are searching for on the internet. This type of keyword helps with voice-search queries, a factor that is becoming increasingly popular in search within recent years. It’s how people organically find your shop in a Google search.

Customer comments can show you how your audience is really phrasing their automotive questions. This is SEO gold - listen to your audience and learn their language. By tailoring your content to match these keywords, your shop can further boost your search value.

Untitled design (10)3. Boost Search Opportunities With Social Media

Social media is a wonderful platform that gives your customers a community to ask for recommendations and provide their reviews on automotive services. When your current customers are reviewing or recommending your site on Facebook, it often is accompanied by a ‘share’ or ‘like’, bringing more attention to your brand.

Oftentimes, these social media recommendations or reviews are a first introduction for new customers doing their research online. By driving social media user to your website, you're increasing overall website visits and helping to rank your website better.

4. Boost Local SEO

Google search algorithms are complex, but one thing that we can confidently say is positive Google reviews have a huge impact on Google local search results. Search engines look at customer reviews as valuable insight into businesses when visitors are conducting their research online.

That means when your customers are searching for ‘auto repair shops near me’ (or some variations of that), your auto shop, with all of your wonderful reviews, will appear high on the list of results Google spits out.

To learn more about how to rank in local search, read How Reviews Boost Local SEO.

How Do You Get Positive Reviews?Review Manager - gain reviews for your auto repair shop

While the easy answer would be “just perform exceptional services with a smile,” we know that sometimes even that can’t silence a disgruntled customer. Our best piece of advice when it comes to gaining more positive reviews is to simply ask. A customer expects to have a great experience with a business. If they didn't, they wouldn't choose to spend money with your brand. By simply reminding a customer that their feedback is valued and a review goes a long way, you can grow your review count.

Tools, like Review Manager, make it easy to remind your customers to leave a review. After a vehicle owner picks up their keys and drives out of your lot, send them an automated text message asking about their most recent experience. By conveniently providing them the option to leave and Google or Facebook review, you are more likely to gain honest feedback that builds your review count and improve at your shop.

review manager

How to Respond to Reviews

Positive reviews are easy to reply to: “Thank you so much, John! We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon!” Negative reviews are a bit harder to swallow. No matter what the customer is claiming, begin by publicly respond to their review with something similar to: “Hi Jim, we’re sorry to hear your previous visit with us was less than satisfactory. We want to take the opportunity to correct ourselves. Please send us a private message (or email) explaining your situation so we can make amends.”

DO NOT DELETE THE REVIEW. Instead, we are suggesting you publicly ‘bite the bullet’ and take the conversation to private messages or email. Not only does this give you the opportunity to fix a problem and repair a relationship, responding like this lets future customers see that you’re responsive to customer feedback and care about each customer’s experience. Responding to your online reviews will provide significant value to potential customers perusing your site.

Still want some more insight on responding to reviews, check out this blog for more tips!

Showcase Customer Reviews On Your Site with Pit Stop

Reviews matter! The more positive reviews leading back to your auto repair shop, the higher your auto shop website will rank in a search engine result page. Getting customers to review your site is easy with a simple text messaging using Review Manager. In one text, you can politely and conveniently ask customers to leave their review. Positive reviews are posted right away, while anything less than satisfactory is intercepted by your shop so you can reply to correct the situation. 

The newest addition to our suite of products is PitStop, the only professional website solution that offer 100% real-time integration. Not only does this website platform allow you to book appointments online into your SMS calendar, it's highly customization, SEO-friendly and partners with Review Manager to showcase your best customer reviews on your website! 

The most effective website not only makes it easy for customers to find your shop, but also provides critical business value.

  • Schedule More Appointments
  • Sell More Services
  • Get to the Top of Google

Ready to start ranking on Google with the help of customer reviews? Schedule a demo of Pit Stop with one of our skilled and friendly support techs, today.

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