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Digital Vehicle Inspections Improve Customer Communications

January 20, 2017 / Customer Service, Customer Retention, Communication, Auto Repair, Digital Vehicle Inspections

Communicating with customers in the automotive repair industry can be a bit difficult at times. Often, it's hard to get your customer on the phone to approve a needed repair—and when you can get a hold of them, it's hard to explain the problem to them in a way they’ll understand. Oftentimes, you're waiting for them to return a phone call for repair approval or to explain a new issue you’ve found.

With a good digital vehicle inspection software, you can alleviate that struggle and so many more! Digital inspections change everything by allowing you to customize inspections, easily pull up vehicle history reports, and schedule next appointments while your customers are still in the shop. On top of that, it also works your back end business needs like forecasting projected revenue and seeing where your ROI and bottom line currently sit.

Communicate With Your Customers

Improving customer communication is the root of digital inspections. Do everything from:

  • Inspection (phone) mobile

    Getting Repair Approval: When you can text your customer, your response time is cut to mere minutes instead of hours. With all the time saved, you can see more vehicles in a day—which in turn raises your bottom line.

  • Educating With Photos and Videos: With BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, you can send pictures and video right to your customer's phone and give them the ability to see for themselves what’s going on with their vehicle. By giving customers the power to see damage for themselves, they are more trusting and open to repair suggestions. In an industry where trust is scarce, any chance you have to build trust with a customer should be taken.

  • Upselling Services: Keeping a detailed history with photos of past inspections helps to reasonably upsell customers. You can show them changes or wear and tear that has happened since their last visit in order to upsell something they might not be aware of.

It was common practice for Service Manager, Mike Chase, to leave a message for a customer and, “wait, wait, wait,” for a call back. In the hours that followed, until Chase could talk to the customer, the technicians at Holt Auto Service and Machine Shop wasted time taking vehicles down from lifts only to begin the seemingly unending cycle again with another vehicle. Since the nine-bay shop began using Mobile Manager Pro, customer communication—and repair work authorizations—have moved into the fast lane. Not to mention, the response from customers after receiving color-coded digital multi-point inspections and detailed vehicle condition photos has been “phenomenal,” Chase said.

“The response I get back from people is unbelievable. They can actually see what we're seeing. A picture is worth a thousand words. Even if they’re not buying everything, they can see it for themselves.”


In the days of simply telling customers what was wrong with their vehicles, Chase said, “You always wonder, ‘do they believe you?’ This way, there’s no question.” With Mobile Manager Pro auto repair software, Chase and his team are able to build a whole new level of trust with his customers.

  • No more explaining things to the customers

  • Send digital inspections with color-coded ratings and easy-to-view pictures

  • Clear descriptions of pictures and video

  • Texts to your customers get answered instead of calls that do not

  • All previous service data is just a few taps away, making service history easy for techs to find

In June 2015, the first month of using Mobile Manager Pro, the shop made $12,000 more than it had projected for that month—due, in part, to the mobile technology. The shop’s average repair order rose from $111.22 prior to digital inspections to $526.37 after digital inspections—an increase of $415.15.

Adding a digital inspection software to your shop might be the best investment you could make. Improving customer trust and communications are two huge factors to improving and ensuring the success of your shop. Have questions about how to get started? Our team of friendly and knowledgeable support techs are happy to answer all your questions and even give you a hands-on demo! Contact us today.

Mobile Manager Pro Demo

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