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How To Avoid VIN Scanning Mistakes | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

February 21, 2019 /

Like a fingerprint, the VIN number for any vehicle is a unique identifier which can tell you a certain vehicle’s history.  Because each VIN number is so unique, it's crucial that they are copied correctly onto your technician’s vehicle inspection sheet and in the vehicle’s service history. If even one digit is incorrect, all the information associated with the vehicle could be wrong.

Why the VIN is Important

When a car is brought into a shop, technicians should use the VIN to look up the service history for that specific vehicle. If it’s a new vehicle, the VIN can be used to search data registries for any recalls the manufacturer might have issued. For pre-owned vehicles, VIN numbers can indicate the origin history of a vehicle so new owners are able to learn if it was ever in an accident, rebuilt, or had previous damage from a natural disaster.

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Struggles with Handwriting VIN

Oftentimes, the number one struggle shops face concerning VINs is handwriting. This can lead to two major problems—recording the number incorrectly by accident or illegible handwriting that results in the wrong VIN being input into the system. Both can cause some serious issues with repairs and services, not to mention keeping an accurate service history.

Decoding the VIN

VIN numbers are arranged in a specific sequence to indicate the nation of origin, manufacturer, and general vehicle type. This information is crucial for ordering any needed parts or performing services within the vehicle.

How to Avoid Recording Mistakes

The easiest way to avoid recording mistakes is to stop recording the VIN by hand! With Mobile Manager Pro, techs no longer have to deal with the hassle of copying down VIN numbers by hand, all they have to do is snap a picture. Our technology is designed to scan and decode VIN numbers with 100% accuracy so they log correctly in your shop management system. This process not only saves you time, but it saves you from having to correct human errors.

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To learn more about our VIN scanning capabilities and how our digital vehicle inspection software can help make your shop more efficient, call one of our friendly support team members today. We can gladly schedule a demo to highlight all the helpful and performance-enhancing features of our technology.

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