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How to Collect and Use CRM Info

January 25, 2018 / Customer Service, Customer Retention, Recruitment & Training

Every time a customer comes into your shop, you gather their information. This information can build a relationship with each customer and even bring in new ones. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a way to put this data to use. The main benefits of using a CRM at your auto repair shop includes:

  • Organizing data
  • Share customer data internally
  • Diagnose shop trends
  • Analyze how to bring in new customers via digital marketing channels

CRM at auto repair shopWhy should i use a crm at my auto repair shop?

1. Without a CRM, any data that you collect has no real value. It is scattered everywhere. With a CRM, you have a central place to gather and store data about your customer interactions: what they buy, or how they respond to email or mail campaigns. In turn, having a CRM improves your customer service.

2. The CRM not only allows you to collect information, it gives you ways of sharing it with others. Once enough information is gathered, it is possible to do some sales forecasting and even communicate with other employees in real-time.

3. Many CRM's give you an easy way to view all customer info. You can look for trends, both good and bad. With this approach, you can understand what is working for you and fix what isn’t.

4. Another reason that you may want to consider getting involved in a CRM is social media. Everywhere you look, you see social media in action. Matter of fact, finding out how many of your new customers might be coming in due to a social media connection may persuade you to direct marketing attention towards Facebook, Twitter, and such, resulting in even more new customers.

How To Choose a CRM For My Auto Shop

CRM’s come in many different forms. It could be a simple software program that lives on a computer. Some software CRM uses cloud storage for easy access.

Take your time and research which CRM you want. If you belong to an association or meet with other shop owners regularly, reach out and ask who is using what products and how it is working for them.

Data is powerful, and it is everywhere. You see and collect data every day. Others are collecting data about you and targeting you daily. You can see it at work when you surf the web, and suddenly ads start appearing for what you are looking for. Use a CRM to put data to work for you, so you can monitor and grow your business. 


Service advisors can learn how our auto repair software will help organize other customer data for your auto shop's success.