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Should I Text, Email, or Call My Customers?

June 18, 2019 /

You know communicating with your customers is an integral part of your day to day business operations. Between confirming appointments to getting service and repair approvals to scheduling their next visit, you have to be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with your customers. 

How to Communicate with Vehicle Owners

There are so many different ways to communicate these days. Phone calls, emails, and texting are the big three, and they can all be used as a reliable medium to relay your message, but which is best for your customers? Which is best for your business?

call your customersPhone Calls

It's crazy to think about how long humans have had the ability to communicate with one another over the phone. Since 1876, people have been calling one another for a whole slew of reasons. When your automotive repair shop first opened, phone calls were most likely the best—and only way to get in touch with your customers. But these days, phone calls go ignored, unanswered, and unreturned. This leaves your techs waiting around for answers, wasting time, and money.

While it might be easier to talk to your customers the phone, the reality of today is that your call isn't getting answered. If you must call your customer, we suggest it be for only emergencies or essentials.

email your customersEmail

Fast-forward to the 1990s when people are going crazy over email. That familiar “You’ve got Mail” sparked joy in the Inbox’s owner. While email still plays a huge role in today's communication, it still isn’t going to be the most effective way to communicate with your customers. Unless your customer has their email notifications turned on in their phone, or they're actively checking their inbox, emails aren't often read in a timely fashion, leaving your techs waiting again.

Emails are great for non-time-sensitive information like holiday promotions, appointment reminders, and paid invoices. Emails last as long as the customer wants, and they can always refer back to it for reference.

text your customersTexting

Now, skip ahead to the early 2000s - the age of texting has arrived! Early on, texts were simple and emoji free but they were immediate and responsive. Today, texting is the social norm. On average, your customers are texting for at least 1 hour and are sending 94 texts per day! Fact: 77% of consumers who can text aged 18–34 are likely to react positively to a company that offers text capability. This is your customer base! You want them to trust you, you want to impress them, you want their business, and you want their endorsement.

By utilizing a digital vehicle inspection software, like Mobile Manager Pro, which prioritizes text messaging features to communicate with your customers, you’ll see your wait time on work approval is reduced dramatically, and your techs are being used efficiently because they have the answers they need. They’re able to up-sell to your customers because, with texting, you can send pictures of their vehicle and show them what’s good/bad with their car!

To learn more about switching to texting, read our blog Why Customers Prefer Texting.

Texting vs. Email vs. Phone Calls

The statistics behind text messaging speak for themselves:

  • Texting is the #1 most used way of communication among Americans younger than 50.
  • Smartphone users in the US send and receive 5x more texts than they make and receive phone calls
  • Over 68% of Americans say they text more than they talk on their phones
  • 82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, but consumers only open 1 in 4 emails they receive
  • 55% of consumers prefer SMS for appointment reminders vs. 35% of consumers who prefer email for those notifications

Isn't it time for your shop to start communicating with your customers more effectively? Mobile Manager Pro offers you shop seamless integration to your shop management system, allowing you to text your customers appointment confirmations, service approvals, recommended services, next appointment dates, and so much more. Your techs productivity will skyrocket because they aren’t waiting around for customers to call back, which saves your shop time, and helps your shop make more money.

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