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Showcase Your Auto Repair Shop’s Selling Points

January 27, 2020 / "Repair Shop Software"

Your website and general digital presence are 24/7 sales tools for your auto repair shop. Leverage them effectively and you will meet your potential customers online as they’re searching and drive the necessary foot traffic to your shop. 


Just as you want a big and clear sign on the front of your brick and mortar location so passers-by can see you and what you’re all about—your digital presence needs to be the same way. If you don’t know where to start, two places that need to be optimized for customers to learn about and find you are your website, and your Google My Business (GMB) listing. 


With your website you have the ability to display all of the selling points that make your shop unique and to display your personality.

Create Your Digital Storefront 


Just as you spend time making sure your showroom is comfortable, nice, and tidy for your customers - your website needs similar attention. Here are a few things you should consider adding to your website and your GMB listing: 


  1. Pictures: Displaying your personality goes a long way to making visitors feel welcomed. Pictures of your shop and your team are good places to start but by no means the only way to show off your shop’s character. If you participate in local charities or events, your website is the perfect place to let those in your community know what you stand for and what you support. 


  1. Blogging: If you’re looking for ways to educate your audience, taking the time to create a blog for your website can help customers better locate your business online. In addition, it serves as a resource for those seeking your expertise. 


  1. Advertise Promotions: Integrate digital into your existing marketing efforts. Are you running any promotions? Do you have coupons available to your customer base? Make sure they’re seen on your website for those that might find those relevant to their needs and searches. In addition to your site - another place to display in store promotions is your Google My Business page. 


  1. Online Scheduling: In this era of digital, customers have become accustomed to ease with their purchases and factor it into their decision making process when choosing places to do business. Online appointment scheduling can make your services more accessible to any potential customers that come across your website - and therefore making your service more attractive and professional by meeting their needs for expediency at the first interaction.  


  1. Reviews: Word of mouth isn’t outdated - it has just evolved in recent years. People consider the reviews of others when making decisions on purchases or where to go for services. Leveraging the positive feedback from your existing customer base goes a long way to helping convince new customers to walk through your shop’s front door. 


So now that you know where to start, go out and showcase your auto repair shop’s finest qualities for all the internet to see! If you’re in need of getting a head start on a clean and user-friendly website that can help fulfill all these recommendations and more, our Pit Stop Websites can help. With Pit Stop, you’ll get the tools you need in order to easily and seamlessly give your shop’s selling points center stage for any and all visitors to your site.