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Top Reasons You’re Losing Auto Repair Sales

September 04, 2019 / Revenue & ROI, Digital Vehicle Inspections

Ebbs and flows in the business world are totally normal, especially in the automotive industry. But instead of looking at periods of low sales and panicking, see it as a new growth opportunity for your shop. Learning the best ways to get through the slow periods will set your shop up for success and better prepare you for your next growth period. 

Why Is MY Auto Repair Shop Losing Sales?

Loss of sales could be an indicator of a number of different things. Maybe it’s the economy? We often see sales decline when the overall economy is in recession. Maybe it’s the season or time of year? The time of year can impact the way drivers act with their money, thus they might not be having regular service done on their vehicle. But maybe it’s internal. There are factors inside your shop that can be a direct result of the loss of sales too. 

Unrealistic Goals

Does your shop have the proper goals in place? Meaning, are you striving for realistic numbers? Or are you maybe setting your goals too low or too high for what your shop deems profitable? Shop owners need to be very aware and diligent about meeting daily and monthly car count and sale goals. Having the wrong numbers could have you focusing on the wrong areas, causing you to lose out on sales. 

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY offers a whole suite of products that can help you measure out the right goals for your shop. We track and measure along the way so you always know where your shop stands and how much further you have to go to reach your goals. 

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Cherry Picking 

This habit can lose your shop tons of sales. Pre-judging or pre-qualifying a customer, without actually talking to them first can cause a lot of damage to your final numbers. To clarify, pre-judging is when the advisor feels like the customer won’t authorize the repairs, and pre-qualifying is assuming the customer can’t afford them. Even holding back recommendations on first-time customers for fear of scaring them can be detrimental to your shop’s overall sales goal. The cherry-picking needs to stop! Using technology like digital inspections can help educate all your customers on recommended services so they can make the decision for themselves. 

Lousy InspectionsMMP Digital Vehicle Inspection

The most common area that shops lose sales, or miss sales opportunities is the actual inspection. BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY advocates that every shop should perform a customary digital inspection for every car that rolls through their bays. Not only does this better familiarize techs with the vehicle they’re working on, but it also offers opportunities for them to identify existing issues the customer might not know about and find areas to be aware of that might not need to be addressed right away but can be recommended for next services. Digital inspections make up-selling customers and scheduling next appointments ahead of time easy and painless because you can show customers photos and videos of what’s wrong (or right!) with their vehicle.