MaxxTraxx & VAST, Are Now Mobile-Ready

Nov 30, 2016
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY integrates with VAST and MaxxTraxx to Add Mobility to their Point-of-Sale Solutions 
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"Here's My Card"

Nov 28, 2016
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’S Relentless Innovation continues improving your Shop’s Brand and Name by giving you a digital Business card to text.
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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Collaborates With AutoNetTV on Customer Education Videos

Oct 06, 2016
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY is excited to announce our new partnership with AutoNetTV, providing shops with yet another way to educate customers why vehicle maintenance and repair is so important!  Our software gives shop managers the ability to[…]
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BOLT ON Launches Time Clock for Mobile Manager Pro

Aug 11, 2016
Auto Repair Shop Owners have been given a much needed tool with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s latest update, “Time Clock” for Mobile Manager Pro.  Utilizing this feature will accurately credit technicians with their actual labor time. Keeping track of[…]
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Mobile Manager Pro Adds Best Practice Tips

Jun 07, 2016
Our digital vehicle inspection software just got a major update.  Mobile Manager Pro now incorporates best practice recommendations directly in the software. Depending on the severity of the issue, technicians now get a reminder about taking more[…]
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Real Success Stories

Apr 06, 2016
This video is a mere glimpse into the success being achieved by shops like yours. Each month, we receive calls and messages from shops coast to coast, thanking and sharing with us how we helped grow their business.
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BOLT ON Software is All-Encompassing

Nov 01, 2015
In the 17 years since Bill Hill and his significant other, Leigh Anne Best, have owned Ohio-based Mighty Auto Pro, the couple has “seen it all” in terms of shop management systems and auto repair software programs.
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3 Ways Auto Repair is Like Fast Food

Aug 20, 2015
Making fast food french fries is similar to working on cars.
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Mobile Manager Pro Wins PTEN Innovation Award

Aug 07, 2015
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s digital multi-point inspection software has been chosen as an innovator in the computers and software category of the Professional Tools & Equipment News (PTEN) magazine annual Innovation Awards.
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Welcome Station Kiosk Nominated for PTEN Award

Aug 07, 2015
BOLT ON’s Welcome Station Kiosk was nominated for the PTEN (Professional Tools & Equipment News) Innovation Award.
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