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Our Shop Talk Blog shares the insider advice needed to increase profits & efficiency.
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Why Do Customers Prefer Texting?

Nov 16, 2018
There are a handful of ways to interact with customers, but in an industry that demands quick responses, text messaging leads the way as the preferred way to communicate with customers. According to Twilio, 9 out of 10 consumers would like to[…]
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Status Tracker Instant Vehicle Updates

Sep 18, 2017
We all love checking on the status of the packages that we've ordered; especially the important ones. And, as you may have guessed, so do your customers when it comes to wanting to know the status of their vehicles.
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Introducing Review Manager

Sep 05, 2017
We all know how reviews can impact our business, whether good or bad. Because of this, we've created a new must-have feature that will increase the amount of trust vehicle owners have in your shop, and even help with your local SEO rankings.[…]
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Automatically Schedule Appointments in Your Customers' Phone Calendars

Jun 14, 2017
Getting more customers back to your shop, and making sure they're better reminded of their appointments just got a lot easier. Simply put, you can send your customers' next service appointments right to their smart phone calendars.
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Customers Can Now Text Vehicle Pics to Your Shop!

May 13, 2017
Now your customers can send pics of their vehicle concerns so your shop can determine how best to proceed. 
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Digital Vehicle Inspections Improve Customer Communications

Jan 20, 2017
Communicating with customers in the automotive repair industry can be a bit difficult at times. Often, it's hard to get your customer on the phone to approve a needed repair—and when you can get a hold of them, it's hard to explain the problem to[…]
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BOLT ON Software is All-Encompassing

Nov 01, 2015
In the 17 years since Bill Hill and his significant other, Leigh Anne Best, have owned Ohio-based Mighty Auto Pro, the couple has “seen it all” in terms of shop management systems and auto repair software programs.
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Tips to Increase Auto Shop Productivity | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jun 10, 2015
Sometimes, it's hard to keep productivity high in your auto repair shop, especially in the dead heat of the summer. Bays aren’t usually air conditioned, so your team of hard working technicians are in the heat and humidity all day. The team at BOLT[…]
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BOLT ON Kicks Off Live Product Training

Jun 10, 2015
In an effort to provide a better overall customer experience, we’re offering live one-on-one product training.
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Repair Shops Cannot Live Without Texting Customers

Apr 27, 2015
Lori Garrett has become a texting champion – and it’s paying dividends for Import Auto Maintenance in Nashville, Tenn.
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