Digital Inspection Myths Debunked

Jun 13, 2019
Change can be scary for even the most open-minded auto repair shop owner. The new trend of utilizing digital inspection software in automotive repair shops isn't met without its own push backs from shop owners. Our goal is to help shops overcome[…]
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Ways Technicians Can Convince Repair Shop Owners They Need DVI

Apr 22, 2019
You work in the bay, so you know better than anyone the struggles that hold you up, waste your time or slow down your day. You know you need digital vehicle inspection technology, but how do you convince your boss? We’ve put together some tips that[…]
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Biggest Pain Points in Auto Repair | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Apr 01, 2019
Shop owners across the country all suffer from some of the same pain points in their automotive repair shop. It’s more than knowing what goals to set, or the best practices for communicating with a customer. It's fundamental, every day, mundane[…]
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What’s Included in a Digital Vehicle Inspection | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jan 28, 2019
Digital vehicle inspections have been changing the way shops are growing. Using customizable mobile technology, like BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, not only makes your shop more efficient—it makes your shop more productive and boosts profits.
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Benefits of Text Message Software | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jan 02, 2019
Choosing the most effective way to communicate is essential for your business to operate and get things done. Today there are so many ways to communicate with customers, but only one rises above the rest in efficiency—text messaging. The benefits of[…]
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How Digital Inspections Provide Full Disclosure in Auto Repair

Sep 28, 2018
By Bob Cooper of Elite I am sure you will agree that in our industry there are a number of unwritten rules that shop owners have followed for decades. They know that they have to hire gifted technicians, stay at the forefront of vehicle technology[…]
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What to Consider When Choosing A Digital Inspection Software

Aug 07, 2018
The paper vehicle inspection is dead.  If this is news to you, look at all of the advancements of technology around you in your everyday life. It is no different in your auto repair shop! Digital inspections are quickly taking over.
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15 Million Photos Used to Sell More Services!

May 11, 2018
In just about 1 month, our shops have taken more than 1 million photos of their customer's vehicle issues while using Mobile Manager Pro. That brings our total to over 15 million vehicle needs captured and sent to vehicle owners to help educate them[…]
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Digital Inspections: So Easy, A Kid Can Do It

May 09, 2018
Use of digital vehicle inspections (DVI) by automotive service shops is increasing every day, yet some are still avoiding them because they think it’ll be too difficult. Well, that’s not true!
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How National Car Care Month and Photos Educate Customers: Part 3

Apr 23, 2018
This past winter tried everyone’s patience and vehicles. Fortunately, spring is here, and so is National Car Care Month. It is the perfect time for shops to use digital vehicle inspections to show drivers the damage and wear that the winter wrought[…]
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