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Communication Part 1: Getting Info Before The Customer Arrives

Jan 16, 2018
The whole service process, from beginning to end, requires good communication. It starts with the initial write-up of the customer, and ends when they pick up the vehicle. Every step in between being just as crucial. If communication fails anywhere[…]
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Growing The Family Business Auto Repair Shop

Jan 12, 2018
It's a new year, which means it's time for changes.  There are many shops out there that are owned and operated by multiple generations of families. These shops are successful because they have been part of their community for years, servicing[…]
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Checklist for Building a World Class Shop

Dec 15, 2017
Guest Blog By Bob Cooper (Elite Worldwide) We work with many world-class shop owners throughout North America, and over the years we have discovered that the majority of them have a number of things in common. Beyond the fact that they are owned and[…]
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Pricing, Ethics and the Reputation of Your Business

Dec 13, 2017
Guest Blog By Bob Cooper (Elite Worldwide) At Elite, we know that once someone comes into your shop, you’ll do everything you can to generate a happy customer, and make a fair profit. Unfortunately, some customers will put you to the test when it[…]
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We're Headed to the RLO Training & Expo

Oct 20, 2017
Wouldn’t it be great to see your average repair order (ARO) increase with the click of a button? Or what about a way to easily communicate with customers? Guess what? Now’s the time.
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ASA Super Saturday, Sponsored by BOLT ON

Oct 05, 2017
It’s big, it’s educational, it’s the whos-who in the automotive industry. It’s Super Saturday, and it’s going to be held right here in Warminster, PA.
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GET BOLTED! A New Video Series Where Your Questions Get Answered by the Expert

Aug 19, 2017
Hi all, What has BOLT ON been up to? A LOT! We're switching it up a bit and driving automotive software (and our attitude) to new levels. So, come on and Get Bolted with us, Danielle and the Wiser Adviser. (#WiserAdviser)
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Wiser Adviser is Taking Over the Airwaves

Aug 09, 2017
Our very own "Wiser Adviser" was recently invited to 'talk shop' with the crew of Remarkable Results Radio; the Automotive Aftermarket's Premier Podcast and Resource site.
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Cool the Car or Customer Down (?)

Jun 30, 2017
Comfort… it’s a personal thing. We all have different ideas of it. Some love the cold while others are wrapped in coats, trying to keep warm in 70-degree weather.
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Dealing with Summer Heat in Your Shop

Jun 26, 2017
Summer is here and, for many of us, it will make working in the shop very uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to help make it a little more manageable.
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