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Our Shop Talk Blog shares the insider advice needed to increase profits & efficiency.
Learn what's working right now for repair shops all across the country.

Top Ways to Organize Auto Repair Invoices

Apr 01, 2019
Invoicing is important for both your automotive repair shop and your customers. It’s a record of sale and services provided that can also act as a reminder for a customer’s next service, show future service recommendations, and offer an opportunity[…]
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Benefits of Auto Repair Invoice Software

Feb 20, 2019
Invoicing is typically your customer’s least favorite part of their auto repair experience, but it doesn’t have to be your shop's. Take the frustration out of invoicing and explore all of the additional benefits to automating the process within your[…]
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NEW! Text Invoices and Estimates Right to Your Customers

Mar 22, 2018
We have some great goodies now available to you through your Report Pro program. Check out how to text invoices and estimates right to your customers, and our other new enhancements that will help your shop, as well. All free of charge!
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Protect Your Reports From Unwanted Eyes

Aug 21, 2017
All too often, shops struggle when finding ways to protect their business reports from unwanted eyes. Simply put, not all staff members are always welcome to know the specific details of shop growth or employee performance.
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Build Trust and Cover Your Butt with the Customer Timeline

Jun 05, 2017
Keep a fully accurate, documented timeline of each customer interaction, so your shop can provide customers with a minute-by-minute summary of their service visits. Oh, and it can also be used to cover your shop's butt in the event a customer makes[…]
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Report Pro Builds Better Shops

May 26, 2017
Report Pro is meant to be used as nothing less than a powerful multi-tool—built specifically for making your shop run more smoothly and profitably. There's tons of benefits available that cover your whole shop; from behind the counter, in the bays[…]
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Tire Registration — Just a Few Clicks Away with Report Pro

Mar 24, 2017
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Report Pro Now Does More For Your Shop

Dec 08, 2016
Take your service process to the next level with the new upgrade now available for Report Pro. It's yours at no extra cost. These enhancements also benefit Mobile Manager Pro users as well. See the video for details.
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Major Report Pro Release Planned for Mitchell 1 Users

Jul 10, 2015
BOLT ON is preparing the release of a major update for Mitchell 1 customers who use our Report Pro software.
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Tips to Increase Auto Shop Productivity | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jun 10, 2015
Sometimes, it's hard to keep productivity high in your auto repair shop, especially in the dead heat of the summer. Bays aren’t usually air conditioned, so your team of hard working technicians are in the heat and humidity all day. The team at BOLT[…]
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