GET BOLTED! A New Video Series Where Your Questions Get Answered by the Expert

Aug 19, 2017
Hi all, What has BOLT ON been up to? A LOT! We're switching it up a bit and driving automotive software (and our attitude) to new levels. So, come on and Get Bolted with us, Danielle and the Wiser Adviser. (#WiserAdviser)
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Wiser Adviser is Taking Over the Airwaves

Aug 09, 2017
Our very own "Wiser Adviser" was recently invited to 'talk shop' with the crew of Remarkable Results Radio; the Automotive Aftermarket's Premier Podcast and Resource site.
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[Update] Grow Your Business with Jump Start

Aug 04, 2017
UPDATE: Jump Start has officially won the 2017 PTEN Award for being one of the most innovative products introduced to the automotive aftermarket in the last year. Those awarded were evaluated based on their ability to make diagnosing vehicles and[…]
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Customers Can Now Text Vehicle Pics to Your Shop!

May 13, 2017
Now your customers can send pics of their vehicle concerns so your shop can determine how best to proceed. 
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Introducing BOLT ON University

Feb 27, 2017
It says a lot about your shop to have the right tools and experience available whenever needed. This is precisely why your customers bring their vehicles to you; because you have the tools and knowledge to do what they can't.
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Tips to Grow Auto Shop Revenue | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jan 05, 2017
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s automotive repair software is a guaranteed tool that will boost profits, increase productivity, retain customers and help you communicate with customers easier than ever.
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"Here's My Card"

Nov 28, 2016
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’S Relentless Innovation continues improving your Shop’s Brand and Name by giving you a digital Business card to text.
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BOLT ON Launches Time Clock for Mobile Manager Pro

Aug 11, 2016
Auto Repair Shop Owners have been given a much needed tool with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s latest update, “Time Clock” for Mobile Manager Pro.  Utilizing this feature will accurately credit technicians with their actual labor time. Keeping track of[…]
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How To Attract Millennials to Your Shop

Jun 06, 2016
Making auto repair shops profitable can seem like squeezing water from a rock... Some shops resort to raising prices, instead of increasing their customer base.  We've created a free eBook that tells you how to tap into the fastest growing customer[…]
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7 Tips to Boost Profits and Save Time with Welcome Station

Sep 28, 2015
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