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How to Collect and Use CRM Info

Jan 25, 2018
Every time a customer comes into your shop, you gather their information. This information can build a relationship with each customer and even bring in new ones. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a way to put this data to use. The main[…]
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Tips For Writing Up Service Orders

Jan 19, 2018
In the previous blog "Getting Info Before the Customer Arrives," we discussed how important proper communication is to the whole service process. We even did a breakdown of possible places that communication can fail. This blog we will focus on […]
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Communication Part 1: Getting Info Before The Customer Arrives

Jan 16, 2018
The whole service process, from beginning to end, requires good communication. It starts with the initial write-up of the customer, and ends when they pick up the vehicle. Every step in between being just as crucial. If communication fails anywhere[…]
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How to Attract and Keep Quality Techs

Dec 04, 2017
The technician shortage is real. The automotive industry needs to come to terms with this sooner rather than later. The problem is, no matter when the industry does face up to this, there will be a period where the shortage will be more severe.
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Wiser Adviser and The Car Doctor Talk Shop

Nov 17, 2017
BOLT ON has been hitting the airwaves a lot recently. Most recently, we’ve had our own Wiser Adviser (John Burkhauser) appear on The Car Doctor Radio Show. The Car Doctor is a 24/7 hotline where host, Ron Ananian, helps solve vehicle problems.
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ASA Super Saturday, Sponsored by BOLT ON

Oct 05, 2017
It’s big, it’s educational, it’s the whos-who in the automotive industry. It’s Super Saturday, and it’s going to be held right here in Warminster, PA.
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BOLT ON at AAPEX (Booth #30001)

Oct 02, 2017
AAPEX is the biggest show in the automotive aftermarket industry, and we are going to be there! Plus, we are going to be running an AAPEX Industry Week Special, starting October 30th - November 3. 
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