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New Workflow Manager Changes the Game

September 10, 2019 / Digital Vehicle Inspections

We've supercharged our Workflow Manager and are now able to deliver you an array of new advantages and business growth resources, all from one simple program.

**These benefits are completely free for all Pro Pack and Mobile Manager Pro users. 


For starters, we've added calendar integration

The appointment integration allows a service writer to open the appointment calendar and drag appointments right into Workflow Manager.

Service writers can then choose to convert the appointment into an estimate. This can be performed within Workflow Manager without leaving the screen. Figure 1, below indicates where the appointment calendar is located.

When the appointment calendar is opened, the service writer will see the all of the appointments available for that day (figure 2).

The service writer also has the ability to see how many appointments are scheduled for the coming days and to better plan their techs activities to ensure they are always productive.

Appointment Calendar Integration

Daily Appointments

new status filters

The new status filter gives you the ability to sort your Workflow Manager by the statuses you want to see. You can customize the statuses in the settings of Report Pro, under Workflow Manager.

This new filter can allow a service writer to easily see the number of vehicles at each stage of the repair process. For example, a service writer can use this filter to see the number of vehicles completed so far today.

New Status Filter


Technician Assignment Improvements

When the service writer moves the customer’s tile to a new technician using Workflow Manager, the service writer will be prompted to assign line items to that specific tech.

For example, in figure 3 below, the RO #2455807 tile is dragged from technician Christopher, to the other tech Nicholas.

Once this action is performed the “Assign Technician to Line Items?” will prompt the service writer to select the line items he/she would like Nicholas to perform and get credit for.

Technician Assignment Improvements


Re-assigning a Tech for One Single Line Item

To perform this action, simply double-click the customer tile and select the technician you'd like to re-assign certain line items to.

This will open the technician worksheet, where you can right-click the specific line item you would like to re-assign. As seen in figure 4 below, the only option to select is “Assign Technician.” Once selected, your shop’s list of technicians will be available to select from.

Then, select the technician you would like to assign to that specific line item.

  • For example, this could be useful in cases where you have a dedicated alignment tech or diagnostic tech, and you don't want to have to go back to management system to reassign.
  • The work order will appear on both technicians work in progress in Mobile Manager Pro, even if filtered by tech.

Reassigning Technicians-1


More Information on Work Order Detail Screen

Now there is more customer information on the work order detail screen. This window is accessible by double clicking the customer’s tile in Workflow Manager.

  • New information:
    • License Plate
    • Fleet/Unit #
    • VIN

Work Order Detail Screen


Total Hours Now Shown for Technicians in Each Status

Technicians and service writers can now see how long each repair order should take to complete.

This will give the service writer the ability to see if a technician can handle more work for the day, or if another technician should be selected.

Total Hours Show for Techs


Status Time Function

The status time function now shows the amount of time required for a specific repair.

As seen in the figures below, figure 1 shows the repair orders for technician Nicholas that are in the “assigned” and “Inspecting” statuses. There is now a timer on the work order tile.

In figure 2, when dragging both work order tiles to the next status, the time automatically resets.

This will allow your service writer(s) to identify bottle necks in the day's workflow, in real-time, and not at the end of the day when it’s too late.

Service writers can also use this feature to identify weak links in the shop’s workflow.

Status Time Function


Workflow Manager Color Selector

The Workflow Manager Color Selector allows your shop to color-code workflow tiles.

The color pallet includes twelve unique colors. Your shop can use the Color Selector to create your own methods of differentiating workflow tiles at a glance.

For example, one method may be to identify all Lube Oil and Filter (LOF), as the color Red. Once your shop gets accustom to your coloring method, identifying workflow tiles will become second nature.

Color Selector


Employee Profile Picture now shown in tech workflow

Technician Profile Picture's can now be shown along with the tech’s name located on the left-hand side of the Workflow Manager screen.

Employee Profile Picture-1


Workflow Status Editor

Found in your Workflow Manager settings, a service writer can set the specific times of how long they feel each status should take.

Once the time for the specific status has exceeded the allotted time, an alert will appear and the tile will begin flashing to indicate a possible bottleneck in productivity. This will allow service writers to identify and correct issues in real-time. 

Workflow Status EditorWork Flow Editor


Status Tracker

No longer will a service writer have to manually update the statuses of each vehicle in the shop.

Status Tracker is now linked to Workflow Manager to efficiently update vehicle status text messages sent to your customers.

Once a repair order has changed statuses in Workflow Manager, it will automatically update the Status Tracker. This is key when a customer inquires about the status of their vehicle through text messages.

Status Tracker


Bringing It All Together

Workflow Manager links the rest of Pro Pack together. Your shop can now perform important tasks right from your Workflow Manager, without having to leave the workflow screen.

When a repair order tile is right clicked, an option list will appear (figure 1).

  • View Inspection allows you to view the inspections points that are being performed on a specific repair order.
  • View Invoice allows you to view the invoice of the specific repair order.
  • Print Lube Sticker this option allows you to print a lube sticker for a specific repair.
  • Send Text Message allows you to send a specific customer a text message. This option has pre-built messages, as well as the ability to create custom text messages.
  • Change Tile Color allows you to change the color of the repair order tile to allow for different identifying methods. 

Right-Click Options


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