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How To Earn Repeat Customers

July 09, 2018 / Lube Sticker Pro, Revenue & Efficiency, Digital Multi-Point Inspections, Mobile Manager

Keeping customers is cheaper than reaching out and getting new ones; that’s a fact. You’ve already laid the foundation for building trust with your customers, which can lead to greater success in selling needed service and repairs. Now it’s time to keep them coming back for more!

Earn Trust

The reality is that you need to earn your repeat customers. First and foremost, build trust and do good work. If the customer doesn’t trust you or your work, they will never be comfortable with coming back to your shop.

Gain Customer Trust


Communication is a key component to establishing trust. Keep your customers informed from the beginning when they set their appointment, to when they pick it up. Taking the time to listen and answer all their questions and explaining in terms they understand, all contributes to building and maintaining trust.

Putting in place several methods that make communication easier, such as using text and digital inspections sent to their phone, also helps. Today, many people prefer text over a phone call because of its ease of use. Texts are easier to view and respond to while going about their busy day.

Adding pictures and videos to digital inspections will also help. Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) can be as effective in selling repairs and services as taking the customer out to their car and pointing out what it needs. DVIs provide customers with a new form of transparency that has never been established in the industry before. 

Mobile Manager Pro Demo

Schedule Future Appointments

Quite possibly the simplest way of getting your customers to return is by scheduling their future appointment before leaving your shop. Simply ask! All you need to do is set the next appointment, just like a dentist or a hairdresser does before you leave the office or salon. It is that easy!

Oil changes are one of the most consistent services. Lube Sticker Pro automates setting the next oil change appointment for your customers. Just choose the oil type, and the software calculates the customer’s average daily driven miles and sets a new appointment date based on this information. One week before the appointment, Lube Sticker Pro will send a reminder text out to the customer so that they can confirm the appointment.

Lube Sticker Pro

Loyalty pays time and time again. Not only will you continue to strengthen your relationship with customers each visit, you also give customers more opportunities to rave about your shop. Aside from providing quality automotive service, build trust, communicate effectively, and schedule future appointments. Keep your customers coming back for more!