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Our Shop Talk Blog shares the insider advice needed to increase profits & efficiency.
Learn what's working right now for repair shops all across the country.

How To Grow Your Quick Lube Business

Sep 01, 2021
So you've decided you want to grow your oil change business, but aren't sure how to enact that change. Don't worry, we've all been there. You have the goals, ideas, and dreams...but are coming up a little short on the plans. It can be discouraging[…]
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The Right To Repair Debate

Aug 04, 2021
There's a new hot topic tearing through our industry right now—Right To Repair. While it's not necessarily a new topic, it's currently causing many of us in the automotive sphere to stop and ponder the future. So what does right to repair mean for[…]
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Steps to Effectively Sharing a Car Repair Estimate with Your Customers

Jul 26, 2021
When it comes to sharing an estimate, this can be a stressful experience for not only the customer, but for the shop. It's a delicate part of the repair process, so as a result, it should be handled thoughtfully. Bringing your patience and taking[…]
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Optimizing Your Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Jul 16, 2021
Your relationship with your digital vehicle inspection (DVI) software is like any other type of relationship—it takes a little work to make it thrive. Implementing your software will have you seeing results no matter what, but putting in the work to[…]
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Increase Efficiency With Fleet Management Software

Jul 10, 2021
As a facility that exclusively services fleet vehicles, time is constantly on your mind. Thoughts surrounding how quickly a vehicle can be serviced, or how accurately you can predict the amount of time until its next needed service may be at the top[…]
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Tips For Helping Your Shop Go Digital

Jul 09, 2021
Making the switch to become a digital shop can understandably come with some hesitations and frustrations. The way you've run your shop likely hasn't changed all that much before now, and making the leap to incorporate more auto repair technology[…]
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How to Hire and Retain Quality Automotive Technicians

Jun 25, 2021
If there's one thing that is bringing us together as an industry currently, it's the technician shortage. It's been an enduring problem for years now, and the automotive industry needs to proactively counteract the issue at hand. With the nationwide[…]
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Best Practices For Auto Shop Websites

Jun 21, 2021
We are in the digital age. Your shop is now a 24/7 business because your customers are searching for you online. What will they find?  BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's Pit Stop, offers shops the ability to build out websites that are already SEO-optimized. Our[…]
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Preparing Your Shop for the Growth of Electric Vehicles

Jun 21, 2021
Many decades ago the electric car felt like a far off futuristic dream. We've heard talk throughout the years of electric cars and their benefits, but somehow the idea never took root in the industry. Internal combustion engines have had the lay of[…]
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Factors To Consider When Choosing a Shop Management Software

Jun 14, 2021
As a business owner, you've always worked to set your auto repair shop apart from your competitors. Your shop has its own way of getting the job done, and the right shop management system should sufficiently gel with the way you conduct your[…]
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