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How Do I Calculate My Auto Shop’s Gross Profit?

Sep 05, 2019
As the owner of an automotive repair shop, there are some significant numbers for you to know and track carefully. Among those numbers, one of the most important is your shop’s Gross Profit. Your gross profit is a reflection of your shop’s value.[…]
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Top Reasons You’re Losing Auto Repair Sales

Sep 04, 2019
Ebbs and flows in the business world are totally normal, especially in the automotive industry. But instead of looking at periods of low sales and panicking, see it as a new growth opportunity for your shop. Learning the best ways to get through the[…]
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How to Successfully Run an Auto Repair Business | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Aug 30, 2019
Many shop owners initially get into business for their general love of repairing cars, but day-to-day operations can take their toll. When shop owners let their days take control of their shop, they begin to feel one step behind. How much do we[…]
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Top 3 Ways to Increase Labor Margin

Aug 14, 2019
Labor rates in repair shops across America vary. Based off of location, overhead rates, and profit to be made by the shop, sometimes, shops’ labor rates are ineffective and aren’t high enough to cover all those costs PLUS your technicians’ salary.[…]
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Should I Text, Email, or Call My Customers?

Jun 18, 2019
You know communicating with your customers is an integral part of your day to day business operations. Between confirming appointments to getting service and repair approvals to scheduling their next visit, you have to be able to effectively and[…]
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Top 5 Hardest Auto Repair Services To Sell

Jun 17, 2019
It’s no secret that some services are harder to sell than others—but it really needs to be done, so how do you get your customers to buy in?
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Digital Inspection Myths Debunked

Jun 13, 2019
Change can be scary for even the most open-minded auto repair shop owner. The new trend of utilizing digital inspection software in automotive repair shops isn't met without its own push backs from shop owners. Our goal is to help shops overcome[…]
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How Customer Reviews Improve Auto SEO

Jun 12, 2019
You might think customer reviews have only one purpose: to give customers a public voice about your business. While this may be true, customer reviews actually hold a much greater importance. 
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Best Practices For Auto Shop Websites | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jun 10, 2019
We are in the digital age. Your shop is now a 24/7 business because your customers are searching for you online. What will they find? BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's newest addition to our suite of products, Pit Stop, offers shops the ability to build out[…]
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Ways Technicians Can Convince Repair Shop Owners They Need DVI

Apr 22, 2019
You work in the bay, so you know better than anyone the struggles that hold you up, waste your time or slow down your day. You know you need digital vehicle inspection technology, but how do you convince your boss? We’ve put together some tips that[…]
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