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Benefits of Auto Repair Invoice Software

February 20, 2019 / Marketing, Revenue & ROI, Digital Vehicle Inspections

Invoicing is typically your customer’s least favorite part of their auto repair experience, but it doesn’t have to be your shop's. Take the frustration out of invoicing and explore all of the additional benefits to automating the process within your auto repair shop with auto repair invoice software.

auto repair invoice softwareHow Auto Repair Invoice Software Helps Shop Owners

It's not always easy asking customers for money, especially if it is a hefty and unexpected bill, but it's a daily, essential task that keeps your business afloat. Streamline your process and make the payment experience more transparent for your customers with an invoice software for your auto repair shop. These are the most notable benefits associated with invoicing software:


Choose from a variety of invoice templates to customize one perfect for your shop. By integrating fully with work orders, shops can build an invoice that includes all services performed, recommendations, and declined work. Through streamlining this process, shops minimize the time spent manually inputting jobs and parts lines.


Auto repair shops already have a stigma associated with their line of work. The average driver is not well-educated on their vehicle and, oftentimes, feel they are taken advantage of when it comes to high-priced service tickets. Tools like digital vehicle inspections provide transparency for the reasoning behind service recommendations for a vehicle. Invoicing software will help customers clearly see everything they are paying for—as well as the service recommendations they declined.

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environmentally friendly - invoicing softwareEnvironmentally Friendly

More and more, people are switching to a fully digital means of record keeping. There are simply far more benefits and upsides to reducing the amount of paper your shop uses, produces, and stores. Say goodbye to endless amounts of paper and the pain of keeping it filed and organized. Who wants to dig through boxes or filing cabinets instead of easily searching via your software?

Go green and eliminate paper invoices by emailing or texting customers once their service is complete. Keeping all customer information—including invoices—in a centralized database helps when pulling records for future appointments and building a detailed history on the vehicle. Not only does this reduce waste and clutter in your shop, but it's convenient for your customers as well. 

As a matter of fact, customers can easily pay with a credit card right from their phone if they want to with user-friendly digital invoices. It's great for customer service—your shop can get paid more quickly and easily, and you're doing your part to help the environment. It's a win-win situation all around.  

Branding and Marketing

Think of how many invoices you create in a given week. Are you fully exploring their potential when it comes to creating opportunities and revenue for your shop? All those invoices serve as additional opportunities to brand your business and market to your existing customers. 

Make sure your invoices are professional and stylized in order to ensure your customers receive a professional experience from drop off to invoice. Our software allows you to create your invoice template—add your logo, brand colors, contact information and social media handles to showcase your shop. 

But, why stop there? Give your customers a reason to visit again when you add coupons and other incentives for their next appointment. Customer service should be a never-ending cycle, and even though the vehicle owner has just paid your shop a visit doesn't mean you shouldn't immediately start incentivizing them to return. There are many things that factor into customer loyalty, and the feeling of receiving coupons and other savings opportunities as rewards for their service plays into that. 

For more information on branding your invoice, read 7 Tips to Turn Your Customer Invoice into a Marketing Tool.

How Report Pro Helps Automate Invoicing

Our invoices helps to leave a professional, lasting impression on customers that have come through your shop. Utilizing auto repair invoice software, like Report Pro, helps to streamline and enhance your shop’s check out process and gives you an unparalleled ability to display your brand. Customize your auto shop invoices by adding:

  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Complete Contact Information (including social media handles, credit card affiliations, industry partnerships and more)
  • Shop Incentives and Coupons

Invoicing is just another important step in your shop's daily routine. With invoicing software, shops can become more efficient and transparent and continue to improve their relationship with their customers.


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