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Using Mechanic Invoice Software to Create a Positive Customer Experience

November 15, 2019 / Quick Charge Pro, Auto Repair Invoice, Pro Pack

Auto repair (mechanic) invoices are essential tools that auto repair shops use to collect payment for services performed. Traditionally, they have been simple paper invoices that both the auto repair shop and customers use to keep a record of the transaction. However, thanks to new technology, invoices are now able to communicate more information that customers find valuable.

How Auto Repair Shop Invoices Benefit Customers

Most customers are not knowledgeable about their vehicles and rely on their mechanics to guide them in proper maintenance. However, they are also wary of being taken advantage of.
earn customer trustA detailed mechanic invoice paired with digital vehicle inspections helps improve the transparency of the transaction. Digital vehicle inspections help customers see what needs to be repaired on their vehicles, making the process much more transparent. When this technology is used with auto repair shop software like Mobile Manager Pro, your customers can compare photos and videos of past inspections with the current inspection, so they can see for themselves the wear and tear on their vehicle.
Having a clear, easy-to-read invoice is critical to maintaining a positive customer experience.
Information that customers find valuable includes:
  • Vehicle mileage in and out of the shop
  • All findings from their digital vehicle inspection
  • Measurements to track part deterioration over time
  • A list of services performed during the visit
  • Any work recommended but not done
  • Recommendations for upcoming appointments
  • The date of the next service appointment

How Auto Repair Shop Invoices Benefit Shop Owners

While auto repair shop advisors see many of the same benefits of invoices that their customers do, there are other distinct advantages that shop owners may not know they can use to capitalize on that invoice space.
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Many mechanic invoices only list the shop information, customer information, services performed and total cost, leaving, in many cases, a whole lot of white space. With shop management tools like Report Pro, repair shops can capitalize on this unused space. The software enables you to add coupons for needed services, advertise specials or prices, or leave personalized reminders of upcoming services required so that your customers are never caught off guard or left stranded due to a preventable issue.
Incorporating paperless invoices is becoming more popular than ever. Both shops and customers find that having a paperless copy in addition to a printed invoice is both beneficial and convenient. Shops can take their invoices one step further by adding links to social media pages, their websites and review pages to help bolster the shop’s online presence. In addition, the use of digital invoices enables a repair shop to collect customer contact data for client nurturing marketing efforts like email and text message campaigns.

How to Brand Your Auto Repair Shop Invoices

So now that you know you need a brand identity, how do you put one together? Fortunately for you, it’s easy! Creating a unique and recognizable brand is necessary to create a brand identity that your customers will both relate to and remember.
Besides your shop website, logo and other signage, making sure your invoices are branded with your shop’s logo, colors and contact information is critical. Having a cohesive look and feel across all channels helps your customers feel like your shop is professional and worthy of their business.
To learn more simple tips to help turn your customer invoice into a marketing tool, read this blog.

Invoicing Made Easy

There are many free auto repair invoice templates available online. However, they’re simplistic, generic, and aren’t doing anything to help build your brand. Software solutions like Report Pro enable shop owners to create branded invoices that work for them.
With features like digital invoicing and mobile payment, shop owners and service managers can quickly and conveniently complete transactions so that customers can get back on the road. In addition to simplifying payments, Quick Charge Pro automatically syncs with your shop management software and updates the system when an invoice is paid, allowing your service advisors to focus on other tasks.
Quick Charge Pro is fully secure and PCI compliant so your customers can rest assured that their data is safe with you. With this easy-to-use software, you can create easy-to-read, branded auto repair shop invoices that provide valuable information for both you and your customers. Mechanic invoices are an easy way to build trust with your customers while also promoting your business in a noninvasive way. By developing a clear brand and improving transparency and convenience, you can create memorable and lasting relationships with your customers.
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