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How Auto Repair Software Helps Retain Employees

January 15, 2020 / "Repair Shop Software"



With a shortage of qualified techs out there today, you want to make sure the good ones you have stick around. Retaining employees is crucial to your business operating efficiently with little interruption. You know that giving technicians what they need to have a comfortable and happy position within your shop is fundamental, but have you considered what role technology plays in keeping your existing technicians happy? 

Time Saving

Your techs and service advisors have a lot to do during the day. We know all too well the struggle of having to wait for a customer to reply to a call and how that can slow down and throw off the efficiency of the store. Introducing text messaging software into a shop can help to reduce approval times, as well as your employee’s frustration. 

Kiosks can also seek to aid your employees in certain tasks in order to keep the flow of the shop moving and reduce stress and headaches for your service advisors. The morning rush can often be overwhelming and a handful, but with the ability for customers to check themselves in, a step can be eliminated for your employees to reduce their workload. In addition, as they’re checking in, customers will be prompted to upsell themselves for services via the kiosk. 


Streamlined Process 

Existing processes can be sped up and streamlined with technology. Gone are the days and stress of having to write down a VIN number by hand—now they can be scanned and your employees will have access to the full vehicle information instantaneously. 

Invoices are more quickly and easily built with the information and ease that technology provides and customer approvals are more easily wrangled so workflow can keep on moving. 

With the information they need at their fingertips, employees will always have the information they need to get the job done with as little headache as possible. 


Increased Communication 

Good communication will always lead to happy employees. Increasing communication within the shop, but also with customers will ensure that everyone is happy and on the same page. Private and team chats for your shop save everyone from having to make the trek back and forth to clarify something. Now they can send a message to another team member without fully interrupting what they’re currently working on. Jobs will be better tracked and documented, making sure that the whole team is on the same page. 

Service advisors will be able to show the ‘why’ behind recommended services when talking with customers. Clear pictures and descriptions will effectively communicate the issues at hand to the vehicle owners, making them feel more informed and educated. Through communication your employees will be better equipped to sell the services the customers need. 


Get Started With Technology in Your Shop 

Technology is fundamental to the modern shop and invaluable to your employees. Creating a work environment that flows well and increases productivity isn’t just important to you, it’s important to those working for you as well. With technology, jobs become less chaotic and employees can remain focused at the tasks at hand without all the noise.