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Customer Retention vs. Customer Acquisition

When it comes to your customer base, there are certainly two things that are constantly on your mind: retention and acquisition. They’re both important for sustaining your shop, but what should be your primary focus? In the battle of customer retention vs acquisition, you probably already have an answer in mind, but it shouldn't be a choice between one or the other. With automotive repair software, you can help your business achieve both of these goals—putting less strain on you as the owner. 

Efficiency, Transparency, and Customer Retention

It may go without saying, but customer retention is a huge priority, and a large part of retention is customer service. Inline Blog Images (12)It is a known fact that retaining and growing a current customer is significantly easier than attracting new customers. But sometimes it can feel like there isn’t much customer loyalty. Seeing the customers who come in once or twice looking for the lowest price can be a little deflating as an owner. here are ways to ensure a long and happy customer/shop relationship, such as:

Increase Transparency

Removing the mystery of what goes on in the bays can go a long way to building the key element of the customer relationship: trust. Whether we like it or not, there’s a stigma placed on the automotive repair industry. People have come to believe that they’re getting taken for a ride and are often skeptical and defensive as soon as they walk into a repair shop . You attempt to communicate the reasoning behind your recommendations, but you find eyes tend to glaze over, arms crossed, and only half-listening. Some customers may be extremely knowledgeable, but many are not. It is possible, however, to get through to those who may only have a limited understanding of their vehicle and its operations. Giving your customers information they can easily understand and digest such as photos and videos is important, and it's true—seeing is believing. Pictures aid in helping the customer to better understand exactly what you are recommending. Nothing is more transparent for a customer than seeing it with their own eyes.

Improve Efficiency 

We live in a fast-paced digital world, and to many customers, easy and efficient communications with a retailer or service provider is expected.. Yet many shops rely on outdated means of communications with drivers like phone calls and faxing. Streamlining your processes can directly enhance your customer's overall experience. With software doing more of the heavy lifting, many existing interactions can be simplified and automated. For example, implementing a check-in kiosk can make the morning rush easier on not only you, but the customer. Instead of waiting in long lines. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate 

Keeping a customer informed is crucial for keeping a customer happy and willing to return to your shop. With auto repair software you can make communication between the customer and the shop quicker, simpler, and easier. Texting helps to alleviate back and forth calls, creating less hassle. Appointments can be scheduled, services can be approved, and payments can be made.

Acquiring New Customers Digitally

Winning over  new customers can often be a struggle, and fall further down on the priority list. You simply rely on walk-ins and word of mouth, neither of which you can fully control or influence. If you're able to be proactive, you may have grown your business  through traditional advertising and marketing channels, but those efforts require time and money.

However, using digital technology, there are ways to supplement your business building efforts. 

Like any business these days, it's extremely important to maintain a digital presence. Having a website that is easy to find, simple to navigate, and engaging for the customer is critical to growing a business. 

In order to turn those web visitors into shop visitors, adding online appointment scheduling to your website is necessary. By making the process accessible and easy-to-use, you increase your chances of acquiring new customers.

Customer Retention vs Customer Acquisition

Shop owners shouldn't have to choose between new customers or the decision to upsell old customers. Through the implementation of auto repair software in a shop, you can make sure you're paying attention to both of these areas without sacrificing one due to busy shop operations. 

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