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Improving Customer Retention In Your Quick Lube Service

Nov 05, 2021
Finding new customers and expanding our reach can often take up a lot of our focus as business owners. While growing your customer pool is all well and good, it's important to consider nurturing your existing customer base. 
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Creating Customer Connections Through Communication

Jul 29, 2020
Customer retention is a high priority among shop owners, there's no doubt about that. We've all tried different avenues to ensure that crucial repeat business—discounts, rewards programs, etc. While those are no doubt effective means of customer[…]
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Customer Retention vs. Customer Acquisition

Jun 17, 2020
When it comes to your customer base, there are certainly two things that are constantly on your mind: retention and acquisition. They’re both important for sustaining your shop, but what should be your primary focus? In the battle of customer[…]
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Customer Retention: The Importance of Keeping Them

Aug 22, 2018
Keeping customers is one of the surest ways to grow car count and profits at your auto repair shop. In fact, keeping customers is actually five times cheaper than looking for new ones. Because of the trust that is built with repeat customers, shops[…]
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7 Tips on Delivering Extraordinary Service

Mar 16, 2018
~ By Bob Cooper of Elite
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How to Collect and Use CRM Info

Jan 25, 2018
Every time a customer comes into your shop, you gather their information. This information can build a relationship with each customer and even bring in new ones. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a way to put this data to use. The main[…]
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Communication Part 1: Getting Info Before The Customer Arrives

Jan 16, 2018
The whole service process, from beginning to end, requires good communication. It starts with the initial write-up of the customer, and ends when they pick up the vehicle. Every step in between being just as crucial. If communication fails anywhere[…]
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Easier OBD2 Reports Help Increase Customer Trust

Aug 28, 2017
Gaining customer trust is a difficult task. Most shops struggle with maintaining transparency with their customers, leading to issues with upselling and getting work approved. 
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Build Trust and Cover Your Butt with the Customer Timeline

Jun 05, 2017
Keep a fully accurate, documented timeline of each customer interaction, so your shop can provide customers with a minute-by-minute summary of their service visits. Oh, and it can also be used to cover your shop's butt in the event a customer makes[…]
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Gaining Customer Trust

Jan 27, 2017
According to a new AAA survey, two out of three U.S. drivers do not trust auto repair shops in general – citing overcharges, recommendations for unnecessary services, and poor past experiences for their lack of confidence. However, the survey also[…]
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