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Top 5 Hardest Auto Repair Services To Sell

June 17, 2019 /

It’s no secret that some services are harder to sell than others—but it really needs to be done, so how do you get your customers to buy in?

Show the ‘Why’ With Digital Vehicle Inspections

With digital vehicle inspections, you can show your customers why they need these harder, often overlooked services. Automotive repair shops that use a digital inspection software to communicate with their customers have seen an increase in these five hard upsell areas:

consistent oil changes1. More Frequent Oil Changes

Many vehicles have a self-monitoring oil life system.  When the system does indicate it is time, it can be inconvenient and the oil is black, black, black!  Oil change should be done more often. Digital inspection pictures can show your customers the difference between new, “healthy” oil and their old, stale oil.

To learn more on how photos and videos improve digital inspections, check out this blog.

2. Oil & Transmission Fluid Leaks

Leaks are never good, and can sometimes go unnoticed by the driver if it's not leaking out onto the ground. Digital vehicle inspections can show how much and where the oil or coolant is leaking from. Showing the customer the leak instead of asking them to just ‘take your word’ builds trust, and they’re more likely to buy if they understand.

3. Transmission Services

This is especially hard to upsell because it's a difference that the driver doesn’t necessarily feel when they drive off your lot. “It shifts fine, works great.  Why should I flush the transmission?” Digital inspections can show the condition of the fluid compared to new fluid giving the customer the understanding that they need. Like oil changes, you’ll be able to show “healthy” transmission fluid against their old fluid.

4. Tire Replacement

In some cases, your customer’s tires might have great tread left but are more than 5 years old (DOT code identifies this.) Cracking that might be occurring on sidewalls is a hazard and could result in a blown tire. Customers aren't always checking their tires, especially the inside walls, so sending them pictures of their tires next to brand new ones can emphasize the hazard.

5. Rust

In the northeast winters, street salting causes some pretty intense rusting under vehicles where a customer never looks. Brake lines, gas tanks and straps, and even the frame will rust out. Digital vehicle inspections can show the level of corrosion helping sell the brake lines before they fail.

Upselling customers on unpopular services is easier with digital vehicle inspections. Showing customers side-by-side pictures of what their vehicle is supposed to look like vs what it actually looks like is impactful and will help them understand the importance of those services. Using video can show unnoticed leaks or noises that indicate a larger issue. Digital inspections are the most effective way to upsell your customers.

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