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How to Successfully Run an Auto Repair Business

August 30, 2019 / Revenue & ROI, Auto Repair

Many shop owners initially get into business for their general love of repairing cars, but day-to-day operations can take their toll. When shop owners let their days take control of their shop, they begin to feel one step behind. How much do we complicate running a successful shop? We're not saying it's an easy job, we just think there could be an easier way.

What are the Characteristics of a Successful auto Shop?

All successful businesses have a few things in common. From the people they hire to the important things they focus on, there are similarities between all prosperous businesses—and the automotive repair industry is no different. Having processes in place will help your auto repair shop run smoothly. These are the common characteristics the BOLT ON team finds in our most successful shops:

hiring techniciansStrong and Educated Team

Your auto repair shop is defined by the quality of its work and the trustworthiness of the entire team. The automotive industry as a whole is struggling to find quality technicians to build their teams, making hiring more important than ever before. It’s vital to hire a talented team that’s committed to learning and growing.

Once you find quality hires, shops need to invest in the proper training. The better trained your techs are, the faster and more efficient your repairs. Not only does giving your employees all the tools and training they need to succeed allow them to do their job well, but it also shows the team they are valued. In the end, your team is only as strong as its weakest link.

To learn more about hiring the right team for your shop, read this blog.

Strive for Efficiency

Shops are busy! From answering phones to handling walk-ins, days can become chaotic. Are there jobs and tasks that you repeatedly do which can be automated to save you time? The answer, most likely, is yes! The purpose of technology is in its ability to increase efficiency for daily tasks and routines.

Automotive repair software is meant to make work at your shop easier and quicker. By simplifying and automating tasks at the front desk and in the bays, repair shops are able to maintain a higher car count with the time that is saved.

One key feature of BOLT ON's software lies within our integration capabilities. Our products “bolt on” to our partners' software, which saves you from manually having to transfer important customer and vehicle information from one platform to another—limiting any errors that may occur in the transfer.

Solid Communicationdigital vehicle inspection

Successful auto repair shops are focused on improving internal and external communication. How effectively is your team communicating with one another and your customers? Tools, like our auto repair software, help to strengthen dialogue and understanding in both areas.

Team chats allow your employees to communicate between the bay and the front desk without wasting time and compromising productivity. On the other hand, digital vehicle inspections allow auto repair shops to provide pictures and videos to better explain the health of the vehicle to customers so they are able to make well-informed decisions.

Prioritize Customer Convenience

Customers are busy. To win over your customers, make their auto repair experience easier and more convenient. From the vehicle drop off to booking their next appointment, the shops that make it quick and easy for their customers will earn their repeat business.

There are many areas in which your shop can prioritize convenience:

  • Self check-in helps to avoid long lines at the front desk when dropping off their vehicle
  • Texting approvals and status updates to customers is easier than getting them on the phone during the work day
  • Pre-scheduling appointments locks in routine maintenance and provides reminders leading up to their next visit


Take the next step to run a Successful auto repair Shop

There are many unique qualities that separate your shop from the competition, but most successful shops have these characteristics in common. Setting standards and building processes for your shop allows your shop to grow...with the owner at its forefront. Is it time to set your team up for success?