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3 Big Misconceptions About Texting Your Customers

May 08, 2020 /

When transitioning into a digital shop, there can be unknown territory that can cause a bit of uneasiness among owners and service advisors alike. For some, one of those areas of concern is texting customers. Most of us use it daily with our friends and families, but utilizing it for business purposes can feel a bit foreign. You may have some apprehensions about implementing it into your shop’s processes, but we’ll debunk some common misconceptions below so you can start feeling more comfortable with this method of communicating with your customers. These are the top three auto repair software myths: 

Myth 1: It’s Intrusive

Like any kind of communication, as long as it serves a purpose and transmits relevant and important information, it’s unlikely to be interpreted as intrusive. Many business owners believe that customers don’t want to communicate via text messaging, but the truth is actually very different. In actuality, customers tend to prefer texting to communicate with their shops. Calls can be disruptive, since they need to be picked up and responded to immediately. Texting, however, allows the customer to respond on their own schedule without having to play phone tag. Since texting integrates more seamlessly with people’s everyday lives, they’ll be more receptive to this communication style than you think. 

Myth 2: Text Messages Will Be Ignored

People have become a bit numb to robocalls and spam emails, but texting still effectively captures people’s common misconceptionsattention. It’s a higher priority form of communication than email, and more easily screened than unknown callers. Texts also have very high open rates compared to their email counterparts. The majority of people respond to their text messages, and quickly at that. On average, 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received. With that kind of visibility, being ignored is much more unlikely than other forms of communication. They’re also more personalized to the recipient. The text messages that will come from your shop all pertain heavily to your customer’s individual experience with your shop. Appointment reminders, estimates, digital inspections—everything is specifically meant for them. Also, text messages from your shop won’t be coming from a strange number—they’ll be sent from a normal, recognizable 10-digit number. This is a number your customers can save, and from which they can expect communication with your shop consistently. They’ll be able to recognize your shop’s text messages right away each and every time and send a timely reply. 

Myth 3: It’s Less Professional

Texting has been a very informal mode of communication in the past, but that is quickly changing. More and more businesses, not just shops, are utilizing this as a format to efficiently transmit information to their customer base. These days, the most professional businesses are the ones who text to communicate important information. Through text messages, your customers can easily keep records of what they have discussed with your shop as well as their previous digital vehicle inspections that have been sent to them. When customers can expect easy, convenient, and regular communication from their shops, they will interpret that as professionalism.