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Easier OBD2 Reports Help Increase Customer Trust

August 28, 2017 / Customer Service, Customer Retention, Digital Vehicle Inspections

Gaining customer trust is a difficult task. Most shops struggle with maintaining transparency with their customers, leading to issues with upselling and getting work approved. 

OBD2 Reporting, a new feature for Mobile Manager Pro, now helps increase customer trust and gives your shop the ability to display accurate vehicle information right on the customer's work order. 

Easier OBD2 Reporting

Your shop can now collect and display vehicle recorded PIDs right on the work order.

Access to this information (check engine lights and drivability issues) and sharing it with your customers can help build a new level of trust in your shop.

Instructions for Installation

Open Mobile Manager Pro on your tablet:

  1. Go to the dropdown menu on the left side of the screen
  2. Tap on settings. When settings opens, you will see the Android three dots menu on the upper right of this screen
  3. Tap on the three dots for another dropdown menu
  4. Tap on Release Highlights. When the window opens, you will see all the current release information listed

If you don't have at least Mobile Manager Pro release 75, you'll need to force an update on your tablet to use OBD2.

To update, shut down Mobile Manager Pro and restart it. The update window should present itself. (If this does not occur, shut the app down completely a second time and restart. It should appear at this point).

OBD2 Tool

Note: All vehicles built and sold in the USA after January 1, 1996 will have the OBD2 system. This includes 1996 models built in 1995. Some OBD2 vehicles do not support Mode 9 which provides the scan tool with the VIN. With no VIN, the report cannot be sent directly to the work order.

*If you haven't already purchased your OBD dongle, you can do so here: Buy OBD. To download the app once you have the hardward, visit OBDLink.

To work, Mobile Manager Pro OBD2 needs to connect to the diagnostic port of the vehicle. The diagnostic port is required to be within 3 feet of the driver and must be accessible without tools. Mobile Manager Pro OBD2 uses a Bluetooth connected interface that plugs into the diagnostic port.

OBD2 Mobile Manager car dash.jpg

Mobile Manager Pro Setup

1. On the tablet, go to Settings and locate the Bluetooth. If not already on, turn it on. If needed, choose SCAN for the tablet to look for the interface tool

2. On the left side of the OBD2 dongle, push in and release the small button. When OBDLink LX appears in your device, tap on it so the tablet and interface become paired.

For Mobile Manager Pro to recognize the report on the tablet, there must be a open work order with the correct VIN of the vehicle. The software uses the VIN to match the vehicle to work order. The vehicle needs to be within the WIFI signal area for the report to be sent.

Using Mobile Manager OBDLink

Start the OBDLink app and choose Connect at the bottom of the screen. The OBD2 dongle should be plugged into the vehicle data terminal. Tap on Connect to link the tablet and interface tool together.

At this point the lights on the interface should do the following:

  • BT (Bluetooth) will start out blinking, then will go solid blue once connected
  • Host (Yellow Arrows) will blink rapidly
  • OBD (Red Car) will blink at about the same rate as the yellow Host
  • Power (Green) should glow solid green

Using the App

After exiting the setting screen, you should be on the main app window.

  1. Select Diagnostics. The app will check for Trouble Codes. If no codes are found, a green engine icon with the word OK in it will be displayed. When codes are found, you will have them listed as well as othersendReport.jpg information related to those codes.
  2. Tap on Report at the upper right side of the screen to run the report.
  3. As it runs, the blue text will indicate when each item is completed.
  4. When all tests are finished, tap Share (upper right side of screen).
  5. This opens the Send Email window.
  6. Tap on the Mobile Manager Pro icon.
  7. A window will open displaying the current connected vehicle’s VIN with your shop name & number, and current date & time.
  8. Tap Save. A progress bar will appear as the link is sent to the repair order.

Note: If there is no work order with the same VIN as the vehicle being checked, you will get a message that tells you “No work order found for this VIN.” If there is a work order, be sure the VIN is correct. If there is no work order, generate one.

Your Shop Management System

*Works with Mitchell 1's Manager SE and Snap-on's ShopKey SE shop management systems.

Once the report is sent, you can open the estimate or repair order in your management system. You will see the report added to a job line when you in the Order screen. It will appear as seen in the picture. Double click to open the Note window.

Here you can copy the link and paste it into a browser to see the complete report.

For more info on OBD2 for Mobile Manager Pro:

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