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How Reviews Boost Local SEO

September 01, 2017 / Customer Service, Auto Repair

Not only reviews help you build a reputation, they also boost your SEO and help you rank at the top of a Google search. Want to find out how? Read on!

Reviews are great! They build trust, increase revenue, and make your business look good all around! But did you know that reviews also help you boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and make it easier for people to find you

How Reviews Help Earn Higher Rankings on Google

Reviews make up 10% of Google search engine results in terms of page ranking. To determine star ranking, and if you show up at the top of the local Google search, reviews from third parties are factored in. Here are how reviews help you boost local SEO:

  • The more reviews your business obtains, the higher up you are in an organic search. This way you get more traffic – both in store and online.
  • Traffic is increased by keywords. When writing reviews, customers are most likely to mirror the language they use when performing a search. Keywords help you to get discovered and rank higher.
  • Improve your website authority.search-engine-optimization-1359427_960_720.png
  • It is important that your business and website content is relevant and engaging. When your customers are active by sharing, liking, and commenting, it shows just that!
  • Positive reviews give your business credibility and trustworthiness. Potential customers see that you product/service has helped others, enticing them to spend more time on your website.
  • Produce new, unique, and relevant content. This boosts ranking signals to Google algorithms, giving you more SEO value. It works with positive and negative reviews alike.
  • Help your website build links. More links = higher rankings.

Google favors highly-rated websites. Rankings act as social proof, ensuring your business is reliable and legitimate. Don’t wait around, take matters into your own hands! Have a strategy, gain reviews, advance your business!

For more information, check out our blog on Why Reviews Are Crucial.

Increase Reviews with Review Manager

Oftentimes, the only thing standing between your shop and a customer review is a simple ask...or text. Customers expect to have a great experience when they are paying a business. By asking for feedback, you will build relationships with current customers and attract new customers. Your shop will either have the opportunity to fix less-than-satisfactory visits or share the positive experiences customers have at your shop.

Automatically send a follow up text to customers asking for feedback with Review Manager. This text will prompt them to leave a review on Facebook or Google. Intercept any issues before the reviews get published to your online platforms and get a stronger feel for the pulse of your business. Pair Review Manager with Pit Stop, our professional website solution that offer 100% real-time integration with your SMS, to display all customer reviews directly on your website, allowing your customers to do the selling for you.

If you're ready to start harnessing the power of reviews for your shop...


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