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Introducing NextGear® — Making Shift Happen for Auto Repair Shops Like Never Before

April 08, 2020 / Digital Multi-Point Inspections

For years, we’ve been telling automotive repair shops about the time-saving and customer relationship-building power of digital vehicle inspection (DVI) software. Through the power of DVIs, auto repair shops around the country are able to not only increase their efficiency and revenue but also to build strong, lasting relationships with their customers. However, for a long time, this innovative technology was only available for shops utilizing certain shop management software.

Not anymore! We believe so strongly in the power of DVIs that, for the first time ever, we’re making them available to shops without a BOLT ON compatible shop management system, or no management system at all! In fact, we’re taking it one step further by incorporating other game-changing features like two-way texting and future appointment scheduling into our newest software product, NextGear™!


So, What Is NextGear?

NextGear is a brand new software product from BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY that brings streamlined features of our proven, beloved legacy products, like Mobile Manager Pro, to shops who could never before integrate BOLT ON products. Using any internet-enabled device, shops can now use time-saving and customer relationship-building tools to increase profits.

“NextGear is a game-changer,” said Mike Risich, BOLT ON founder and CEO, “We’ve wanted to bring our award-winning software to shops without a BOLT ON compatible shop management system for a long time. Now any shop anywhere can use these powerful tools.”

With NextGear, shops can:
  • Take and save vehicle condition photographs.
  • Use BOLT ON’s red/yellow/green-light vehicle health reports.
  • Build custom inspection reports that support existing processes and practices.
  • Send and receive text messages with customers for fast approvals and seamless communication.
  • Take detailed notes with speech-to-text note taking.
  • Clearly track the progression and wear of parts over time.
  • Schedule new customer appointments in advance.
  • Utilize cloud storage of all data for protection and easy access.
  • Pay as you go — there are no contracts or annual fees.

How Does NextGear Work?

Shops can use NextGear to build custom solutions to fit their individual needs. NextGear begins with digital vehicle inspections then you can add on additional “gears” like two-way text messaging and future appointment scheduling to see your shop’s productivity and profits shift into overdrive.

How Can Digital Vehicle Inspections Improve My Business?

Digital vehicle inspections enable shops to ditch traditional paper vehicle inspections for a more detailed digital format that both shops and their customers love. NextGear DVIs enable you to:

  • Log inspection results directly into any internet-enabled device.
  • Take photos and videos of needed repairs to track a vehicle’s wear over time.
  • Scan VIN numbers or license plates to access complete vehicle maintenance profiles.
  • Access mandatory multi-point inspections for every state along with pre-written recommendations and notes, so you can standardize and professionalize all communications with customers.
  • Use BOLT ON’s red/yellow/green-light vehicle health reports.
  • Reduce inspection times for quicker customer turnaround.

Best of all, many shops notice that by integrating digital vehicle inspections, they see their average repair orders (AROs) increase by up to 35%!

For shops that are interested in 100% two-way, real-time integration of DVIs with their shop management software, check out Mobile Manager Pro.

Can I Really Text My Customers?

Yes, you can! Two-way text messaging is an optional add-on that helps shops improve their communication and trust with their customers. In this digital age, many vehicle owners are quick to answer a text message but may take hours to listen to a voicemail or return a phone call. By adding the two-way texting feature to your NextGear bundle, you can professionally text message back and forth with vehicle owners to gain approvals or to let them know that their repair is complete.

In addition to making communication easier, by adding two-way texting your shop also gains the capability to send photos taken during inspections or repairs to vehicle owners. It takes a lot of effort to build trust with your customers. By sending photos of needed repairs customers can see for themselves what work needs to be completed on their vehicle making the process more transparent and building trust in your shop

Why Should My Shop Schedule Appointments in Advance?

Booking repair or routine maintenance appointments in advance does much more for an auto repair shop than just ensuring repeat business. Shops that have a reliable schedule of future appointments are able to manage personnel and inventory more effectively helping them spend their budget in the areas that matter most.

What Else Can NextGear Do?

We think that NextGear is a powerful software tool that will help auto repair shops shift to the next level! Our team is working hard to bring even more high-performance efficiency and customer-service tools to your shop. Keep checking back often, we’ll be launching many more new “gears” in the coming weeks and months!


For more information:

Are you ready to take NextGear for a test drive? Experience the shift for yourself and click here to begin your free three-day trial.