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Ready For Hire: Assistant Service Advisor

June 19, 2018 / Welcome Station Kiosk

Position Summary:

I will greet your customers and collect their personal and vehicle information so that they can drop off their vehicles for service.

I will communicate with your customers to help determine their immediate service needs, in addition to offering them services based on previous recommendations, current specials (if you choose), and weather-related services based on your seasonal and local weather conditions. 

I will provide your customers with a quick and easy service experience by upholding your values while efficiently taking care of each driver and getting them on their way, knowing that their vehicles are in competent hands.

I will help provide an honest, friendly, and professional environment right at your front desk as your point person, assisting customers and getting them on their busy way. The customer and vehicle information I gather will be used by your Service Advisor to call or text the customer with the estimate, to get the work approved.

I am the Welcome Station Kiosk – Your Assistant Service Advisor, here to help you sell at least one extra service on average.

My Background:

  • I'm always on time
  • I'm never sick
  • I present services EVERY time, to EVERY customer
  • I will help 2 out of 3 customers buy more
  • I’ll make you look more professional

 To Hire Me for Your Shop, Visit Welcome Station Kiosk.