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Why Auto Repair Shops Resist Technology

October 18, 2018 / Customer Service, Auto Repair

The automotive industry continues to rapidly progress when it comes to technology. But while the vehicles and equipment are becoming more advanced, we find shop owners continue to remain resistant to technology that could improve their shop. There are many different reasons for this resistance, but we find most are minor compared to the ultimate misfortune to their business.

Technology in the Auto Repair IndustryBOLT-ON-TECHNOLOGY-Software-is-All-Encompassingb017

If an auto repair shop is working on the latest technology, it needs to be equipped with the latest and greatest information and tools to service it properly. But the capabilities do not end there. Technology in the automotive industry goes well beyond diagnosing and repairing vehicles. Shop owners have the resources to help mobilize, automate, and grow their business in their day-to-day routine.

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All shops want to grow, but many of those shops are not willing to invest in the technology their shop needs to keep up with the times.

need for technology in auto repair industry

Reasons for Resistance to Technology

Putting change aside, everyone is looking for that "magic bullet." People want something that will immediately improve their situation—a short cut, if you will. We all know that does not exist without putting in the work or sacrificing time. So, what are the main reasons shops do not invest in the latest technology?

1. Time Commitment

Time commitment is a very large part of the resistance towards technology. The daily chaos of the shop does not always permit the luxury of time. Customers are unpredictable! There are too many interruptions, and not enough time to get things done during the day as it is. Finding the time to learn about technology is tough enough without looking at the time it will take to implement new technology in their shop. However, while the initial investment may be significant, the amount of time saved and the additional money earned is well worth it.

2. Overwhelm

overwhelmed by technologyLet us paint a story: People in shops are treading water. They can't even look around for help; only at the sky above. If they see the pole or even a float, they are so terrified to reach for it that they will sink below the surface and drown. But in reality, they probably will dip under the surface as they reach out, but only for a moment as they grab the object. Soon as they have a firm grip, they will be able to lift their head upwards and be saved. Does this sound familiar?

Everything around the employees in an auto repair shop is changing at an extreme pace. The new digital technology is just another facet of this change. If shops just look at technology as another thing added to the plate, they will never be able to see how much work it will actually alleviate. 

3. Stubbornness

Independent shops are sometimes just that, independent. They have pride in what they do (as they should), but it can lead them to believe they are as successful as they can be. This contributes to their stubbornness. Shop owners work hard for what they built and are not about to let some other shop or product come in and tell them what they are doing wrong.

Some shops have been in business for decades, and that's no small feat. But, if you are not willing to keep up with the latest trends to remain relevant to your customers, growth will halt. And ultimately, if you are not growing, you're dying.

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Fees are sometimes a stumbling block. Every month, lots of money goes out the door for utilities, tool payments (Alignment rack etc.), management systems, technical information, and so on.  Adding another $300 to that can seem overwhelming, but in the grand scheme, it's not. Shop owners that utilize BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY products have credited an increase on their average repair order by up to 39%. It may be time to rethink investing in the growth of your shop.


There are many reasons why shop owners are resistant to technology. While all are valid concerns, it's time to look at your shop and ask yourself if it is worth the investment—may that be in time, energy, change, or money. Ready to explore how the latest technology can benefit your shop?

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