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Digital Vehicle Kiosks and Other Tech to Keep Your Auto Repair Shop Running in 2020

December 02, 2019 /

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving with the latest and greatest technologies. However, the auto repair industry seems to be lagging behind. As vehicles get smarter and more efficient, shouldn’t the way we manage and repair them also evolve?

With big names like Amazon continually setting the bar high, we expect that business will continue to get faster and more customer-centric. To help your auto repair shop keep up with the latest trends in technology, we’ve outlined five tech upgrades that will help keep your shop running more efficiently and create a positive customer experience in 2020.

Welcome Station Kiosk LPDigital Vehicle Welcome Kiosk

The morning drop-off rush is a hectic time for many auto repair shops. Most customers are in a hurry to drop off their vehicles and get on with their day. But, as many services advisors know, this is a critical time to upsell the customer on needed services in hopes of increasing the shop’s average repair order (ARO). Aligning these goals can seem challenging without adding frustration to a customer who is already in a rush. Thankfully, digital vehicle welcome kiosks can help bridge the gap.

Digital vehicle welcome kiosks enable customers to efficiently check themselves in, drop off their keys and be on their way. Kiosks like BOLT ON’s Welcome Station Kiosk take it one step further by making service recommendations based on customer history, weather, location and more. Customers can then add the recommendations to their service with just the tap of a finger. The program integrates directly with your shop management system to simplify the process for both shop and customer.             


Digital Vehicle Inspections

Paper inspections are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Digital, multi-point inspections are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to perform, help improve shop efficiency and increase transparency for the customer. Paper inspections come with an increased risk of human error. Digital vehicle inspections, on the other hand, help to streamline the process. Techs can complete their reports in one single app. They can also include photos, videos and notes that can sync in real-time with shop management software or be sent to the customer by text message.

Techs love digital vehicle inspection software, like Mobile Manager Pro, because they can easily scan VIN numbers or license plates to pull up vehicle history and also access important repair data directly from their tablet. When work needs to be performed on a vehicle, photos and notes can be sent to a customer by text message so they can see for themselves what needs to be done. This helps shops receive the approvals they need quickly and customers develop a sense of trust and loyalty with their mechanic. When communications between techs and the service advisor, and the shop and customer, are streamlined, the shop, as a whole, functions more efficiently. This means more cars can be serviced in a day and the shop can grow its revenue.

Mobile Manager Pro Demo


Mobile Payment

Customers are busy and visiting the mechanic is not usually a preferred task on their list. Mobile payment methods help to make the payment process a little bit easier for both shops and customers. With mobile payment programs, like Text to Pay (available through Quick Charge Pro), shops can send customers a text message to alert them that their vehicle is finished and ready for pickup. From there, customers can review their invoices and pay for their services through a secure site. Text to Pay syncs seamlessly with your shop management software. Once the invoice has been paid, the repair order is automatically marked complete. The customer can then come to pick up their vehicle at their convenience without having to wait in line for a service advisor.

Digital Workflow Manager

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a personal assistant? Someone who could make sure that everything was completed on time and running efficiently. Incorporating a digital workflow manager into your shop management software is an easy way for you to keep track of your shop’s day-to-day.

Workflow Manager, as a part of Pro Pack, is designed to give service advisors an at-a-glance overview of their shop’s daily productivity. With this program, you can integrate your appointment calendar with your shop management system for easy scheduling. You can also view and track the status of any vehicle in the shop and assign jobs to techs and track their time to keep the shop running efficiently. Best of all, because it syncs seamlessly with your shop management system, you never have to worry about switching programs or forgetting to implement an estimate. Your shop will run as if you had your own personal assistant making sure everything is well taken care of.

Caller ID

You may be thinking, “Caller ID isn’t new technology. It’s been around forever.” But this is not your mother’s caller ID software. Today’s caller ID software is designed for business and customer service, emphasizing the relationship between the customer and auto repair shop. The key to a positive relationship with customers is personalized service. In fact, according to Epsilon research, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service when brands offer a personalized experience.

Pro Call caller ID integrates seamlessly with your shop management software, accessing your customer’s name and history before the phone even rings. With a caller ID service like Pro Call, service advisors will not only know who’s calling but will also have easy access to the customer’s profile so that they can offer informed recommendations quickly. Customers will feel valued because the service advisor was able to recognize and remember them.

Implementing new technology can help your shop run more efficiently and give your employees the tools that they need to provide an exceptional customer service experience. From digital vehicle welcome kiosks to digital vehicle inspections, customers will appreciate the new tools that you can offer them to make their auto repair experience as easy and stress-free as possible. And your employees will thank you too for making their jobs easier with integrated tools like digital vehicle inspections and workflow management software. When you see an increase in average repair orders and productivity, you’ll wonder why you didn’t integrate these great tech options sooner.