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Tips to Increase Car Count

Dec 07, 2018
The number one need for any automotive repair shop is always customers. How else would you make money? There are many ways to increase your gross sales, but most automotive repair shop owners will agree that the most common way to increase sales is[…]
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How To Improve Rate of Retention at Auto Repair Shop

Dec 07, 2018
It's no secret that it's cheaper to earn repeat customers than it is to try to gain new ones. In fact, it can cost up to FIVE times as much to attract new customers to your automotive repair shop than to keep your current customers happily coming[…]
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The Need for Technology in Automotive Repair Shops

Sep 29, 2018
Vehicles are one of the original and most progressive forms of technology, dating all the way back to 1885 when Karl Benz first invented the gasoline automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. Technology is disrupting the automotive[…]
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Tips to Grow Auto Shop Revenue | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jan 05, 2017
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s automotive repair software is a guaranteed tool that will boost profits, increase productivity, retain customers and help you communicate with customers easier than ever.
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How To Attract Millennials to Your Shop

Jun 06, 2016
Making auto repair shops profitable can seem like squeezing water from a rock... Some shops resort to raising prices, instead of increasing their customer base.  We've created a free eBook that tells you how to tap into the fastest growing customer[…]
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How to Sell Auto Repairs to a Skeptic

Apr 08, 2015
Every shop encounters customers who are reluctant to make recommended auto repairs or keep up with scheduled maintenance beyond the lube, oil and filter service. For skeptics, phrases like “do I really need that,” or “why can’t this wait” tend to[…]
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