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Using Mechanic Invoice Software to Create a Positive Customer Experience

Nov 15, 2019
Auto repair (mechanic) invoices are essential tools that auto repair shops use to collect payment for services performed. Traditionally, they have been simple paper invoices that both the auto repair shop and customers use to keep a record of the[…]
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How to Successfully Run an Auto Repair Business

Aug 30, 2019
Many shop owners initially get into business for their general love of repairing cars, but day-to-day operations can take their toll. When shop owners let their days take control of their shop, they begin to feel one step behind. How much do we[…]
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Biggest Pain Points in Auto Repair

Apr 01, 2019
Shop owners across the country all suffer from some of the same pain points in their automotive repair shop. It’s more than knowing what goals to set, or the best practices for communicating with a customer. It's fundamental, every day, mundane[…]
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How to Increase Profit Margin in Auto Repair

Feb 20, 2019
You work tirelessly every day in your automotive repair shop to make ends meet. After the bills are paid, and your employees are compensated, what do you have left? Focusing on your average repair order (ARO) might not be enough to boost your[…]
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Auto Repair Shops Embrace Paperless Technology

Feb 20, 2019
  Is your automotive repair shop inundated with paper? Paper inspections, paper invoices…paper everywhere. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our suite of add-on automotive software solutions fully integrate with shop management systems and enable[…]
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The Need for Technology in Automotive Repair Shops

Sep 29, 2018
Vehicles are one of the original and most progressive forms of technology, dating all the way back to 1885 when Karl Benz first invented the gasoline automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. Technology is disrupting the automotive[…]
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7 Tips on Delivering Extraordinary Service

Mar 16, 2018
~ By Bob Cooper of Elite
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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Collaborates With AutoNetTV on Customer Education Videos

Oct 06, 2016
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY is excited to announce our new partnership with AutoNetTV, providing shops with yet another way to educate customers why vehicle maintenance and repair is so important!  Our software gives shop managers the ability to[…]
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Car Dealership or Independent Mechanic?

May 06, 2016
It's a tough decision many people face when driving a new vehicle - car dealership or independent automotive shop? 
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Welcome Station Kiosk Nominated for PTEN Award

Aug 07, 2015
BOLT ON’s Welcome Station Kiosk was nominated for the PTEN (Professional Tools & Equipment News) Innovation Award.
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