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What Should My Auto Shop Website Include?

May 26, 2020
To get the most out of your shop’s website, there are certainly some essential elements that you should consider implementing. The people coming to your auto shop website are seeking out more information for your shop, so what you make available is[…]
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How Customer Reviews Improve Auto SEO

Jun 12, 2019
You might think customer reviews have only one purpose: to give customers a public voice about your business. While this may be true, customer reviews actually hold a much greater importance. 
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How To Gain Better Reviews at Your Auto Repair Shop

Oct 23, 2018
As a business owner, you know the only way to survive in a cutthroat industry like automotive repair is to constantly bring in new customers. Raising the bottom line is your ultimate goal, and you’ll do whatever it takes to make it another year. The[…]
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Why Auto Repair Shops Resist Technology

Oct 18, 2018
The automotive industry continues to rapidly progress when it comes to technology. But while the vehicles and equipment are becoming more advanced, we find shop owners continue to remain resistant to technology that could improve their shop. There[…]
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"I recommend BOLT ON 110%, even to my competing shops!"

Dec 01, 2017
We caught up with Gary Kasbarian, Manager of Carotech Automotive & Tire who was looking for a way to help enhance his shop and take it to a new level.
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Shop Owner of Motorcar Alternatives Shares His Success Story

Nov 20, 2017
It’s the most significant change to the service industry in decades, correcting all that is wrong with the current procedures. That's what Mobile Manager Pro can do for your shop.
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Introducing Review Manager

Sep 05, 2017
We all know how reviews can impact our business, whether good or bad. Because of this, we've created a new must-have feature that will increase the amount of trust vehicle owners have in your shop, and even help with your local SEO rankings.[…]
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How Reviews Boost Local SEO

Sep 01, 2017
Not only reviews help you build a reputation, they also boost your SEO and help you rank at the top of a Google search. Want to find out how? Read on! Reviews are great! They build trust, increase revenue, and make your business look good all[…]
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Why Reviews are Crucial for Your Business and the Bottom Line

Aug 28, 2017
What does any business want? You guessed it, to increase their bottom line. One of the definite ways to achieve that is to increase customer trust. The reputation of your business is an indispensable weapon.
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BOLT ON Customer makes R+W Cover

Feb 02, 2017
AJ Nealey understands the reaction—if you’re a customer delivering your vehicle to a one-bay auto repair shop outfitted in a backyard garage, your expectations aren’t very high.
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