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Digital Inspection Myths Debunked

Jun 13, 2019
Change can be scary for even the most open-minded auto repair shop owner. The new trend of utilizing digital inspection software in automotive repair shops isn't met without its own push backs from shop owners. Our goal is to help shops overcome[…]
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Auto Repair Shops Embrace Paperless Technology

Feb 20, 2019
  Is your automotive repair shop inundated with paper? Paper inspections, paper invoices…paper everywhere. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our suite of add-on automotive software solutions fully integrate with shop management systems and enable[…]
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Benefits of Text Message Software

Jan 02, 2019
Choosing the most effective way to communicate is essential for your business to operate and get things done. Today there are so many ways to communicate with customers, but only one rises above the rest in efficiency—text messaging. The benefits of[…]
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Mobile Manager Pro Adds Best Practice Tips

Jun 07, 2016
Our digital vehicle inspection software just got a major update.  Mobile Manager Pro now incorporates best practice recommendations directly in the software. Depending on the severity of the issue, technicians now get a reminder about taking more[…]
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Relationship Between a Millennial & Their Car

May 27, 2016
Young drivers are emotionally connected to the vehicle they purchase. For a majority of millennials, this car represents their first taste of freedom and responsibility - it is completely understandable why they appreciate their car!
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7 Tips to Boost Profits and Save Time with Welcome Station

Sep 28, 2015
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Tips to Increase Auto Shop Productivity | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Jun 10, 2015
Sometimes, it's hard to keep productivity high in your auto repair shop, especially in the dead heat of the summer. Bays aren’t usually air conditioned, so your team of hard working technicians are in the heat and humidity all day. The team at BOLT[…]
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The Shop of Tomorrow and its Staggering $1,400 Average RO

Apr 14, 2015
Ratchet+Wrench featured our customer, 405 Auto, in its June 2015 issue. A BOLT ON customer since January 2013, 405 Auto is a power user of our Mobile Manager Pro auto repair software and our Welcome Station kiosk. In the article, the magazine dubbed[…]
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How to Sell Auto Repairs to a Skeptic

Apr 08, 2015
Every shop encounters customers who are reluctant to make recommended auto repairs or keep up with scheduled maintenance beyond the lube, oil and filter service. For skeptics, phrases like “do I really need that,” or “why can’t this wait” tend to[…]
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BOLT ON Auto Repair Software Helps Shop Win Award

Mar 23, 2015
Martin Kruszelnicki has the “greenest” auto repair shop in all of Santa Monica, Calif. Kruszelnicki, the Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Hybrid – The Hybrid Shop, attributes his shop’s use of BOLT ON’s shop management software as one of the[…]
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