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New Workflow Manager Changes the Game

Sep 10, 2019
We've supercharged our Workflow Manager and are now able to deliver you an array of new advantages and business growth resources, all from one simple program. **These benefits are completely free for all Pro Pack and Mobile Manager Pro users. 
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Top Ways to Organize Auto Repair Invoices

Apr 01, 2019
Invoicing is important for both your automotive repair shop and your customers. It’s a record of sale and services provided that can also act as a reminder for a customer’s next service, show future service recommendations, and offer an opportunity[…]
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Tips to Increase Car Count | BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Dec 07, 2018
The number one need for any automotive repair shop is always customers. How else would you make money? There are many ways to increase your gross sales, but most automotive repair shop owners will agree that the most common way to increase sales is[…]
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How To Improve Rate of Retention at Auto Repair Shop

Dec 07, 2018
It's no secret that it's cheaper to earn repeat customers than it is to try to gain new ones. In fact, it can cost up to FIVE times as much to attract new customers to your automotive repair shop than to keep your current customers happily coming[…]
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Customer Retention: The Importance of Keeping Them

Aug 22, 2018
Keeping customers is one of the surest ways to grow car count and profits at your auto repair shop. In fact, keeping customers is actually five times cheaper than looking for new ones. Because of the trust that is built with repeat customers, shops[…]
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NEW! Text Invoices and Estimates Right to Your Customers

Mar 22, 2018
We have some great goodies now available to you through your Report Pro program. Check out how to text invoices and estimates right to your customers, and our other new enhancements that will help your shop, as well. All free of charge!
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New Feature for Lube Sticker Pro

Feb 16, 2018
Great news! Now, shops who have an active ProDemand/ShopKey Pro account can now use a new feature that not only gives you the Service Reminder Reset directions for all makes and models, but also the fluid amounts and types for each vehicle.
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Give Your Customers Instant Vehicle Updates with Status Tracker

Sep 18, 2017
We all love checking on the status of the packages that we've ordered; especially the important ones. And, as you may have guessed, so do your customers when it comes to wanting to know the status of their vehicles.
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Introducing Review Manager

Sep 05, 2017
We all know how reviews can impact our business, whether good or bad. Because of this, we've created a new must-have feature that will increase the amount of trust vehicle owners have in your shop, and even help with your local SEO rankings.[…]
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Why Reviews are Crucial for Your Business and the Bottom Line

Aug 28, 2017
What does any business want? You guessed it, to increase their bottom line. One of the definite ways to achieve that is to increase customer trust. The reputation of your business is an indispensable weapon.
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